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  1. He’s a sure fire keeper. One of the best young backs playing for a team that loves to run the ball. RB1 next year.
  2. I get that it’s a full 17 weeks. My only point is it can still come down to 1 win for first place. The fact that you guys took this route to eliminate a lot of the luck (which I happen to agree with btw), but then still play a week 17 is just a little odd IMO. That’s all. And yeah, our best ball format is just like any other regular league in terms of weekly adds/etc. This is the first year we’ve done it, and only b/c of Covid to avoid potential game cancelations/etc. But in the end, it was quite exciting and our league has eclipsed the normal adds by like 30% this year. Added approx
  3. Lol. How do you not watch with no changes? In fact best ball encourages even MORE changes and waiver moves every week because EVERYONE is in play. When you charge $$ for every pickup (like we do in our league), it builds up the payoff pot that much more. Right, because week 17 is just as important as week 1, you’ve now just punished a team for having Mahomes and Hill. Hey, just my opinion man.
  4. Why not just play best ball and simplify things. And playing week 17, aren’t you just re-introducing the “luck” you tried avoiding by having the potential for a team sit their players? Like this week, probably no Mahomes, Hill, etc. Not fair to those owners if you ask me. Oh and the 7 wins you were referring to is like the extra win each week against league median. You get 1 win for your H2H matchup and an extra win/loss for top 7 scores for the week (assuming 14 team league).
  5. I think you just proved strategy doesn’t really matter since U said your first 3 picks were CMC, Barkley and Zeke. All 3 busted due to injury or ineffectiveness. Here’s a strategy. Pick the BPA and stay healthy. Be active on the waiver wire and pick fill holes accordingly.
  6. Packer fan huh? Couldn’t happen to a nicer person......😂😂😂
  7. Criminally under appreciated around here. Number 23 WR in standard. Have him as a keeper and looking forward to his ascension into stardom in the coming years. Especially if they resign Dak.
  8. Lamb hurt? How could he not be in there on that last series at the 5?
  9. I agree. But I think this is the week he gets a few looks. Giants LB’s are tough, I think he gets JK involved a bit out of the backfield.
  10. Giants struggle mightily against pass catching RB’s out of the backfield (sans Hunt last week). I like JK to have some extra looks out of the backfield today and put up RB1 numbers.
  11. Zeke questionable: https://www.rotoworld.com/football/nfl/player-news/9880706
  12. No you didn’t, since you’re not in the semi-finals. 😀
  13. ^^ The reason I don’t like all these options of the 2 teams playing against each other now/week 17, or even what the OP said they settled on, is that it affects waivers/FA adds and is unfair to the team in the finals. IMO, it needs to be settled before waivers run and definitely before the first game Friday. Let the 2 teams bid for the final spot.
  14. The final championship spot should be auctioned off to the two teams, with the losing bidder being awarded the $$ and 3rd place game.
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