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  1. Doesn't the Steelers have a strong Secondary? Im sure Sterling will get the volume, but not sure about the production.
  2. As an Alfred owner that series was so upsetting. Alf 7/51 Rod 4/1
  3. Do you actually expect a probability of reinjury? Injury's are unpredictable. I think he will have fresh legs and ready to run his routes. Assuming the injury wont affect his ability to catch, I'd imagine he will do pretty well.
  4. 3 guys out on dallas defense... the beast will be unleashed?
  5. Perhaps the injuries to Seahawks defense since then will change things around. Josh Lambo put up 14pts! No defense has allowed more 3rd and 10+ conversions this year than the Seattle Seahawks https://www.fieldgulls.com/2017/12/11/16763634/seattle-seahawks-bad-on-3rd-and-10-make-it-stop-please
  6. Also beast mode gets a pay bonus at 800 rushing yards (currently at 619). He would need to average 60.3 yards a game get that pay day. I want to believe that SNF will be a good one. I just want to!
  7. On one hand... Sean Lee is back and oakland is just bad right now On the other hand... they might commit more to the run and derek carr wants to redeem himself RB2 this week or go with someone else??
  8. The volume is there. How are the injuries on Washington DEF?
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