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  1. I didn't say they wont play him. It's that 7'2" players get injured very easily, so why are you putting a ton of miles on a 21 year old you're committed to developing long term? Most of the top drafted big men in recent years weren't getting 30 min per game their first season because the teams are invested long term (like Zion, Bagley, Wiseman, Isaac, Jaren Jackson, Carter Jr., Porzingis etc). Playing a young 21 year old center 20-25 min per game is easing his development.
  2. I agree with this. Brown just signed a new contract so I think he’s not guaranteed to play minutes into the 30s, makes no sense for OKC to put that much stress on a young center they are committed to developing. And Bradley is an RFA after the season so they need to see what they’ve got in him. I think many nights Bradley will get slightly more minutes than Brown depending on whose playing better, but there will probably be close to a 50-50 split rest of the year. I imagine OKC likes the idea of positional competition, I can see the appeal in investing long term in two young centers to m
  3. Thats not that bad actually, his efficiency will suck but if he ticks up to 3 assists too & 1 three per game, thats a solid all around fantasy player for 12 team formats who dont care about efficiency numbers.
  4. No, he will get 12 min a game when Jokic sits if he's lucky
  5. He's going to get 30 min/game, he does get assists. Interesting player, could be a bit Justice Winslow in stats.
  6. I’m going to go on a limb and say it makes Halliburton better. Kings don’t have a lot of effective bench guys. Wright & Halliburton are both 6’5” too so running 3 guard rotations now with 3 ball handlers is going to space the floor very well. I don’t think Hield gets traded either. I think they’d just rather run a really strong 3 guard rotation alongside Holmes/Whiteside & Barnes as the stretch 4. They’re aiming for the playoffs. Decent move overall.
  7. Isnt it amazing the results that happen when you play your younger talent over your players nearing retirement.
  8. Surprised nobody talking about this guy, I know he’ll be eased in, but no Dipo, TJ or LeVert. Who else is going to play 3rd banana? Holidays aren’t going to cut it if Pacers still are trying to compete. I also doubt the Pacers want to keep pushing Brogdon & Sabonis to above 36 min each. They need another guy, Lamb at the very least will soak up a lot of scoring numbers even if his minutes are only in the 20s.
  9. Fair play, you’re right. He’s been getting more & more boards. Solid all around
  10. Probably a half decent chance the Magic trade for a replacement, they're 6-2, and I think they're trying to just get back to the playoffs with next year being an all in year with Isaac coming back. George Hill could get traded here, might be a good fit plus his contract is expiring I think (too lazy to check)
  11. Saric returning tomorrow night. He played really well in the bubble on only 23 min, averaged 14.8 pts, 7.6 rebounds, was getting to the line 4 times per game, couple threes with great averages. Their bench unit is lacking a solid big behind Ayton, they've been playing Kaminsky, Jones & their rookie Smith. He should still be around the same min/game when he returns.
  12. Maybe, Winslow too coming back soon, although I'd bet Morant is back before Winslow ever takes the court again.
  13. Cant believe this guy was on the FA in my league for a week. Ran out of pickups last week, Plumlee is Jokic light. The centers who can put up a triple double are the most glorious players in fantasy bball.
  14. Slo Mo is such a fantasy stud when he's the main ball handler.
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