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  1. Dalbec was awful week 1. Nunez slots in the middle of a terrible lineup. Which awful choice is less awful?
  2. I'm not feeling pitching this year. I do love Trout, but passing up 1 of these 2 based on the AL landscape is tough to do. Take Trout and see what happens, or grab which pitcher?
  3. One spot left. Payment through Leaguesafe. Message me so I can send scoring layout if interested
  4. Basically have an offer to get him for Akers and Montgomery. Take it?
  5. He's a free agent at the end of next year. I can either get the 12th overall pick in this year's rookie draft, or a future 1st in 22 or 23. He had a great stretch to end the year. Are you buying into him on his 2nd contract, or a first rounder on a rookie deal for 5 years? My league we have a salary cap, and accurate contracts in line with what the player makes in real life. So, from a final perspective I'll prolly save a lot of money with the pick. But if Montgomery is a guy that cements himself as a 2nd round type player, it might better to just keep him. Thoughts?
  6. I'm in similar sitch with 2 far more boring players in Chavis and Laureano. Minny can start resting players. And with Cruz kinda dinged I would worry about them giving him the weekend off. Baltimore will give Mountcastle all he can handle
  7. Laureano has been brutal, and with playoffs already a lock I worry about days off. Boston is looking to the future. Chavis has been playing a bit better lately, still pretty gross though. Who would u roll with?
  8. AL-Only. Need Championship help. Offensively. Either Laureano, Chavis or Solak. Pitching wise Im having a tough time. I have Bieber, Carrasco, Snell and Luzardo. I'm really worried about late week innings caps, especially with Luzardo and Carrasco. My league it's difficult to get negative points for pitching. We start any 7 starters and RP. I'm starting Gibson and Akin with 2 starts apiece. I can't bench Bieber. So it is what it is there. I'm starting Montero and Barnes. That leaves 2 spots. Snell, Carrasco, Luzardo, Kremer, Hill and Mayers. Help?!!
  9. Rich Hill is 40 and pitching well. Bartolo Colon was 80 years old when he last was pitching solid. Even if Verlander is half of what he has been with Houston he's still better than more than half the league.
  10. Totally agree. I don't play fantasy football. I just come to the forums on the off chance there is a cheap prostitute analogy...
  11. Boring I know. But who would u take? Solak isn't anything special. Ride the hot hand with Stewart, or go consistecy?
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