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  1. MFL is great for dynasties. The customization is almost unlimited along with it being built for dynasty leagues. If you are doing a simple keeper league, ESPN and Yahoo could be adequate but doing a true dynasty league is better on MFL. If the price scares you (It shouldn’t), fleaflicker offers basically MFL Superlite for free. But trust me, unless you don’t think the league is going to last, go with MFL.
  2. Bump this. We need to know how Axe is doing this year. I have my Christmas fund riding on how well his teams are doing.
  3. Axe was on just a few hours ago. Anyone that makes fun of him or questions his intelligence gets banned though. So you have to do it with passive aggressive tactics.
  4. Considering he stopped posting, we can assume his teams tanked like they did last year.
  5. That’s Axe Alf, not Axe Elf. Axe Alf was created last year to mock Axe Elf when all of his claims fizzled out and was banned by it. Axe Elf is still here, he just doesn’t post right now because he doesn’t want to admit he was wrong... on everything.
  6. Wish he’d come back here. Would love to hear the excuses this year. Poor family will get nothing for Christmas again.
  7. Hey Axe, how are you doing now at the quarter point?
  8. In a deep keeper/dynasty league, he is worth a lot. In redraft, he’s barely rosterable unless you have him as a handcuff. If you don’t have Murray, he has absolutely no value to you and trying to get anything out of him, you’ll find very few takers. As of right now, he only has value in games if Murray goes down or they jump out to a huge lead and he’s tasked with putting the game away. He’s a great talent just in the wrong situation.
  9. Stafford at home all day against anyone. Look at his home splits and they are outstanding. Watson against a good KC team might lead to more opportunities based on game flow but I’m still taking Stafford at home.
  10. Unless you start 2 QBs, that trade will be rejected. If it isn’t, this may be a strange trade where both teams actually perform worse because of it.
  11. Let it go unless in cases of collusion. Vetoing or denying trades as a form of strategy is a good way to get alienated from your league. I actually prefer trades to be reviewed by the LM or assistant LM. Then you don’t have to worry about collusion.
  12. I hate doing mocks (in general) as most of the time, you find out that your draft goes way different than any other mock you've done. Also, I find people who mock are more likely to have a set strategy (this is more so in snake but applies to auction as well). You get too focused on certain players you are used to getting in a mock for a certain price but that player then gets driven up $5-$10 because other guys are looking for him. Do you go with it and risk ruining your plan? Or do you let him go and try to get a new plan? my theory, which works more often than not, is to study and prep
  13. I looked at it wrong, for some reason was looking at Wilsons stats and thought Bortles. Good write up, 14 seems good. Bottles is game dependent. Sure he finished top 10 but he is boom or bust and depends a lot on garbage time. I think as the team gets better, his numbers end up getting worse.
  14. My bad, scrolled too fast and for some reason read 8.
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