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  1. My Ruggs, Fournette, and Engram for his Bell, Scotty, and Gronk. 12 Team Full PPR. I took a hit at RB with Chubb and Ekeler going down. Should I trade for Bell?
  2. I doubt it. I think they're set on Jonnu.
  3. My Jonnu and Ruggs for his Bell. 12 Team Full PPR My other TE is Engram and my other RBs are Chubb (IR), Ekeler (IR), Gaskins, Fournette, JJ, and D'Ernest Johnson.
  4. My Ekeler and Ruggs for his Julio Jones and Mattisson Would you guys do this trade? 12 Team Full PPR His other WRs are DK and Diggs His other RBs are Jacobs, Kelley, Damien Harris My team is in sig
  5. I drafted bad this year and injuries have took a hit on my team. I have to win this week. Help me pick my line up Start 2 RBs - Gaskins, Justin Jackson or D'Ernest Start 2 WRs Slayton, Higgins, Moore Start 1 Flex Anyone from above, Engram I'm leaning towards starting Gaskins vs 49ers, JJ vs Saints Higgins vs Ravens, Slayton vs Cowboys Engram vs Cowboys What do you guys think?
  6. My Gurley for his Ceedee Lamb in Full PPR 12 team I desperately need a WR. Is this trade worth it? My RBs: Ekeler, Chubb, Gurley, Fournette, Gaskins, Hines My WRs: DJ Moore, Ruggs, Slayton, Tee Higgins He also has OBJ, Lockett, Boyd, and Preston Williams
  7. Start 1 QB Watson vs TB Brees vs Titans Start 2 WR Brown vs Saints Moore vs Colts Sutton vs Lions Slayton vs Redskins Start 2 Flex Any WR from above Sanders vs Cowboys Singletary vs New England Start 1 Defense 49ers vs Rams Broncos vs Lions Waiver Options Washington vs Chargers Boone vs Packers Chiefs vs Bears My picks are currently Watson Brown/Moore Sanders/Sutton Broncos
  8. Week 1 I traded Diggs for Godwin and Sanders. Ironically I'm facing the team that traded me during Week 1. Started both Sanders and Godwin for 50+ points lol
  9. I need my opponent to score less than 54 points with Kamara, Saints D, and McClaughin.
  10. Need to start 2 flex. Having a difficult time choosing my players. Full PPR Slayton vs Dolphins Brown vs Texans Sanders vs Redskins DeDe vs Raiders
  11. Slayton vs Miami AJ Brown vs Houston DeDe vs Oakland Sutton vs KC Sanders vs Washington Singletary vs Pitt Hollister vs Carolina Njoku vs Arizona Ian vs Seattle p
  12. QB: Watson/Brees RB: CMC/Fournette/Singletary/Sanders/Williams WR: Godwin/Moore/Sutton/Tate/DeDe TE: Hollister K: YoungHoe DEF: 49ers/Jets Currently 10-3 in my 12 Team Full PPR league. I secured a bye. I have two drops with Jets and Williams being bust this week. I could technically drop Brees as well but should I? What moves should I make to better my chances in the playoffs? Patrick Laird (Faces Giants and Bengals for playoffs) Bonnafon/Armstead (Cuff CMC/Fournette) Giants DEF (Faces Miami and Redskins for playoffs) David Njoku (F
  13. I started Fournette, CMAC, Godwin, and Moore this week. My league is Full PPR with some bonuses for going over 100 yards, catching passes longer than 50 yards, etc. They combined for 145 points lol. Scored 210 overall.
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