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  1. [...] The dude is a YAC stud. If he had a decent QB he’d be an easy top 10 WR. Teddy holds it way too long and constantly looks to tuck and run.
  2. I’m benching moore for amari Cooper or juju. Don’t trust him coming back in his first week.
  3. Edmonds scored way more points for me with Drake playing then he did last week with the backfield to himself. Shouldn’t change whether you’re gonna start him or not against a bills D that can be had on the ground. Kyler running is the bigger concern than drake.
  4. Crazy how undervalued this dude is. In this year from hell he has been the one consistent producer on my team. Since week 3 he has produced double digit fantasy points in .5 PPR in all but one game. This dude is set and forget IMHO.
  5. The problem isn’t Mooney unfortunately, it’s foles. I watched this entire game on Sunday and was insanely frustrated for Mooney. He is continually open and Foles continually throws it right into the line. He had a sure fire TD late in the game from inside the 10, ran a little slant and nobody was around him, basically just him standing alone in the endzone and Foles threw it right into the line. I have to move on from Mooney not because of his talent, but because Foles kills all the value in that offense.
  6. Just remember though if you hold Pollard, they go on the bye next week so you won’t be able to use him until at least week 11 against Minny. Then they have Washington and Baltimore back to back weeks 12-13.
  7. Use him this week but temper expectations ROS. Isaiah Ford signing should splash some cold water on these targets.
  8. MT AND Callaway both ruled out this week. Smith is clearly going to be targeted, there’s no choice. Question is, will he finally produce anything to write home about?
  9. You have to play him against the Bengals this week. We just saw what the Browns TEs did to them. The minute you bench him he’s going to pop off for a 20 point week.
  10. Fuller had a “hamstring issue” vs. Baltimore and we saw how that went.
  11. We are singing a much different tune this week about Williams if his catch last weekend is counted as a TD instead of being down at the goaline. I think tonight he balls and he’s a hot waiver add next week as people realize they cut bait too early.
  12. Surprised there isn’t more buzz on this dude right now. Figured he’d be a bit WW commodify this week. I lost Saquad and feel like I need Henderson now. With Akers banged up and Malcolm brown banged up he could run away with the job? Thoughts? I gotta make up my mind before I drop 51% of my FAAB on him haha. Why is this dude worth investing in? Or is this just an ugly committee in the making?
  13. I’m starting Williams over everyone’s favorite darling Scotty Miller, Will Fuller, John Brown and Jalen Reagor. Chiefs secondary is plagued with injuries right now. Big day coming...
  14. A line nobody thought they would ever say 2 weeks ago.
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