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  1. Sam Hilliard with a 444 bomb off a lefty. Figure it out and play this dude every day.
  2. Man, you should not be not picking right now. Congrats on getting a generational talent, enjoy watching him daily.
  3. I blame the economics less than the leadership. Just an absolute coward move by a dumpster fire of a front office. So disappointing.
  4. I strongly doubt he hits 6 or 7 unless he struggles mightily... What would make you think a lifetime 105 OPS+ player would hurt his standing in the lineup? Bichette will bat either 1 or 2 depending on what they do with Springer or potentially 3rd if Semien reverts back to his .369 OBP ways of 2019 (lifetime .322). Really hoping he hits 2nd.
  5. On 1/15/2021 at 12:54 PM, jay_00 said: Hit a home run!! I was able to get Doncic and Jrue for McCollum, Cp3, and Horford. Had to sell high because I don't think this ridiculous pace CJ is on is sustainable. You have no room taking about dumb league mates...
  6. The reason you don't want any of DET's backfield...
  7. Great take... I'll also add Washington is averaging 21 points a game so teams don't necessarily need to air it out to beat them. I'm starting him at flex over Helaire & Hines this week.
  8. Jeudy is 3rd among rookie WR in yards and would be 1st without 3 pretty ugly drops. 55+ yards every game, 15 YPC, and a straight Moss play under his belt. All of that and he's also had the likes of Jeff Driskel and Brett Rypien throwing to him soooo...
  9. Pretty close list, I would easily have Jeudy over Ruggs tho.
  10. My money would be on Nolan being traded this offseason.
  11. .5 point PPR, should I start Keenan Allen or DJ Moore at flex?
  12. Why would you be done when he finally comes alive? Lol someone sounds salty I snagged this dude for free so I’m admittedly feeling much better than those who drafted.
  13. Aside from steals this man's minors numbers are dreadful. Hard pass for me.
  14. Yes, you are the only one annoyed. I can't see a single season stat to be frustrated with...
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