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  1. Rodgers, he is being ranked as the QB1 right now. Can't sit him for just about anyone. Cook, Davis, and Montgomery. Can't really sit any of these guys. JRob sadly won't have great gamescript and BAL's D should dominate JAX offense. Woods (vs NYJ, not NYG?), ARob vs MN (still very bad corners for MN), and crazy as it is, I'd start Davis over Lockett. Washington defense is very good, Detroit's is god awful. Stafford looks to be playing for DET as well which will help a positive gamescript for the TEN passing attack. Can't trust Lockett who hasn't gone over 7
  2. I don't wanna trust DJ Moore coming back for his first game in a pretty tough matchup. GB has been tough on receivers and Moore might come out a little slow. Two safeties are out for the Colts as well, so I'd probably go for Cooks. Texans can't run the ball whatsoever so they don't really have a choice but to pass. Give me Cooks, and give me about 90 yards on 6 catches for him, shot at a TD.
  3. Cooper is a tier below Anderson this week for me. So I'd go him, Anderson should have more volume for you. JJ and Woods are solid starts so start them with confidence.
  4. Trubisky vs MIN is a solid streamer this week and has looked good for ~fantasy~ since he came back. Should be a solid start. Start Montgomery at RB2... how do you sit that guy right now. I don't love saying this but go Minshew at QB/Super Flex. Can't trust Ryan without Julio, without Julio he has scored 12.4, 7.94, 14.9, and 10.26 (4 pt passing TD) this year when julio isn't active. After that, go Mike Davis at flex over Allen Robinson. Davis is a strong play against the packers where he should see good volume and will be in a good gamescript for getting passing volume. Plus
  5. Give me Goedert here, he looked good with Hurts last week and is a solid part of their scheme.
  6. 0.5 ppr semi final, who you starting out of these options? Pick one WR AB vs ATL Tim Patrick vs BUF Emmanuel Sanders vs KC Pick one QB Jalen Hurts vs AZ Tom Brady vs ATL Please give a little explanation why you are choosing what you are. Leave a link and I'll check yours out!
  7. IF you are desperate for a start, who is the pivot here... Emmanuel Sanders or Trequan Smith?
  8. Against the Raiders, if Mike Williams AND Keenan are out, Tyron is a solid WR2/3 imo
  9. AFC West shootout with a 54.5 over/under against an awful banged up Raiders secondary? Count me in.
  10. Finally accepting I won’t have him in the playoffs, and I have moved... on..... OH FFS
  11. Or probably the thing I was most encouraged by, 4 catches
  12. There would be zero doubt about him being the 1.01 next year if he starts to catch 4-5 passes AND still gets 20+ carries every game. Stretch 4 catches a game over 16, and he finishes with 64 catches. Only 7 RBs went over 60 catches last year, and only one of them had 280+ carries... it was the historic CMC. The thing is, Henry is as sure as it gets for 300+ carries every year too, so we are talking about 360ish touches for a guy who is averaging 1.3 FF pts (0.5 ppr) per touch this year. If he is even 30% or 40% less efficient per touch while getting that many
  13. Make that 54 targets, 37 catches, 582 yards, and 8 TDs over his last four games. 14 total TDs in 11 games. He IS the WR1
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