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  1. Considering the same thing, but not sure if that's just overthinking things or a brilliant FF coaching move. Giants did not let Russ cook and I'm worried they will do the same to Kyler.
  2. MYLES GARRETTDL, CLEVELAND BROWNS Myles Garrett (COVID-19) will miss Week 12's game against the Jaguars. SOURCE: Nate Ulrich on Twitter Nov 23, 2020, 12:05 PM ET
  3. I really like his matchup this weekend, Atlanta is last in the league against TE's, so I'm expecting a pretty big game.
  4. Can anyone name a time when ESPN removed or changed a designation? I know they have added some before, just never seen it removed/changed. What about the people who burnt their top waiver or spent their whole budget on Taysom the TE.......they get that back?
  5. They better not take it away! If so, they better take away WR eligibility from CP84. I mean, this is the same team that left Colston at "TE" all year, why not leave Taysom there.
  6. I thought the same. That they could add something (Like RB to Ty Montgomery) but not take away. They haven't taken away Cordarrelle's WR eligibility and he's pretty much a RB now.
  7. No matter how he does this weekend, it just looks good having him in that TE slot
  8. Sick and now a Q tag? I could have done without that as a Keenan and Herbert owner.
  9. Or it’s because the defense has already scored 3 times.
  10. Maybe sooner? I’m starting to wonder if this game is going to get bumped up due to the hurricane.
  11. Oh no! Sorry, I had erased that from my memory.
  12. His worst game of the year was a few weeks ago against the Texans, anyone remember why? It was only 13-7 going into the 4th so it wasn't a blowout.
  13. I don't think Giselle is allowed in the house while AB is there, but the rest seems accurate.
  14. ESPN has him as undroppable, hopefully that changes ASAP
  15. So, 214 yards passing, 3 tuddies 30 yards rushing, 1 tuddie
  16. Goodbye OBJ, hello DPJ! He’s a must start in return leagues.
  17. ESPN's Adam Schefter reports a Broncos offensive lineman and Vikings linebacker tested positive for COVID-19. This comes after the Broncos placed OL coach Mike Munchak under COVID-19 protocols Thursday. It's the second player case for the Vikings, who sent CB Cameron Dantzler to the reserve/COVID-19 list earlier this week. Both teams will need no new positive tests over the next two days for their games to be played. Not looking great for Broncos/Chargers game
  18. NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported a Chargers player tested positive for COVID-19, and he and all close contacts were told to stay home and isolate, per sources informed of the situation. The team confirmed the positive test. "Late last night, we received notice a Chargers player tested positive for COVID-19," the Chargers said in a statement. "The player was immediately notified, began self-quarantine and the contact tracing process was initiated. The player's close contacts have been identified. They will remain home today and participate in meetings remotely.
  19. Are we talking about trading him for A wr2 or THE wr2? Because I might consider letting him go for a top 2 wr.
  20. There will be no access to the Panthers today other than the injury report that comes out this afternoon. The team does not have to designate a status for Christian McCaffrey (ankle) because he's on injured reserve with a designation to return. The team can wait as late as 4 p.m. on Thursday to decide whether or not to activate the running back. Right now I'd say it's 50-50 he plays against Atlanta. David Newton, ESPN Staff Writer4h ago
  21. I'm intrigued, what's your 40 time and SPARQ score?
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