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  1. Yeah, humans that make millions of dollars and have access to top notch medical treatment, rehab facilities and a team of doctors.
  2. Yeah, I'm wondering the same. And the one shot I saw of him on the sidelines he didn't have his helmet. Not sure if that means possible concussion or he ticked off one of the coaches. Definitely seems like more going on then just a bad game.
  3. I was offered a Half empty can of silly string and a 20% off Bed Bath & Beyond coupon.......couldn't pull the trigger fast enough!
  4. Are they not counting that as a block on the FG for DET defense?
  5. Titans coach Mike Mularkey says Corey Davis (hamstring) is "good to go" for Sunday's game with Baltimore. Davis got in a full week of practice coming off Tennessee's bye. He'll start Sunday for the first time since the season opener. Davis isn't expected to be on a snap count, but may not have an every-down role after missing the last six games. With Delanie Walker questionable, Davis could lead the Titans in Week 9 targets.
  6. Denver run D is indeed legit, look at what they did to Zeke, so I'm actually impressed with what he did there. But watching Reid draw up these random plays in the redzone is what worries the most. I think he will still have his 100 yards per game, but the TD's are going to be tough to come by unless they are long runs/catches.
  7. Would they move him to season ending IR if its definite or keep him where he is until after week 12? I just can't drop him unless its 100%
  8. Am I seeing things? Looked like a cast to me.
  9. Who is starting him? Dropping him? Sending him to the Zeke owner?
  10. Same here. Especially since the talks are about trading him to the team they are playing. What better time to showcase? I'm even considering benching Baldwin because of it.
  11. Denver is the 1 game I benched him last year. It was painful seeing those 40+ points on my bench. Still haunts me.
  12. Outta whose hand, DJ's hand? His hand is getting outta the cast? YES!!!!
  13. Darren McFadden David Johnson Devonta Freeman Doug Baldwin Corey Davis Julio Jones
  14. Apparently he has no car or license so he rides his bike everywhere, but he had to walk to practice today because somebody stole it......rumor is Martavis had something to do with it. So, to recap, he is a starting WR in the NFL, has a concussion, rides a bike, bike got stolen, Martavis is jealous of him. Just another day in the wonderful world of Fantasy Football.
  15. I want as many Falcons & Saints as possible on my team for those match-ups in Week 14 & 16.
  16. I realize its probably not up to DJ, but it seems like most players would want to be out there for themselves and for their team regardless of record.
  17. Looks like he will play. Great match up, but gimpy....what's everyone doing with him?
  18. Amazing blitz pick up on the Tyreek TD, not sure why they usually feel the need to take him out in those situations. But if the reason is to preserve him so he's around for the whole year then I'll take it.
  19. Remember Hunt does a lot of his damage in the 4th after they have worn the D down. Let spiller wear them down. Hunt will go over 100, book it.
  20. Guess I should have clarified that.......In a return league I will never bench him again. I've done it twice: once last year and he went off for 40 points and once last week (because of hammy worries) Even though he only had 8.5 points it still cost me the win.
  21. I think we see at least 1 TD from Hill tonight, but not sure if it will be on the ground, through the air or on a return. But that's kind of the beauty of it, it could be all of the above and that's why you never bench Hill.
  22. Sure. Are you also going to steal his lunch money during recess tomorrow?
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