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  1. CJ Spiller....unless they already dropped him again.
  2. I hope you didn't trade Akeem yet Charcandrick West (concussion) is out for Week 7 against the Raiders. It'll be Akeem Hunt working as the change-of-pace to Kareem Hunt Thursday night.
  3. Hopefully him being down the past couple of games was due to the injury and not a sign of things to come when he's healthy.
  4. iefs Tyreek Hill (neck) was listed as a full participant on the Chiefs' practice report Monday. The Chiefs only conducted a walkthrough, but this is notable both because it confirms Hill did not suffer a concussion and puts him on track to play Thursday night against the Raiders. He will be an upside WR2 in that matchup.
  5. I've got Brate so pretty sure I'm dropping him as well, but..........after he gets 1 more shot in my lineup against Cleveland who is horrible against the TE.
  6. Looking like West will be out Thursday (Spiller just resigned) so hopefully that means more passing work again for Hunt.
  7. You know what else I saw that I really liked? He was having FUN. He was pumped when they signed AP and you could tell he was genuinely happy for the big day he had, it was like 2 "old" buddies had been reunited for a farewell tour. I was actually shopping him last week, but I'm glad nobody bit, he's locked into my lineup for now. I do realize he is still going to have some duds, but who doesn't?
  8. While I do think a move like that would be hilarious, I've been playing this game long enough to know that you would make it to the playoffs and then lose by 1 point to the team who started Akeem Hunt as a Flex and he busted out on a random play for an 80 yard score.
  9. Definitely a fun player to watch and he is open a LOT coming out of the backfield. I saw quite a few plays where he wasn't targeted that would have gone for huge gains.
  10. Just released that Kelce was practicing today, no word on Hill, but should be soon.
  11. Locked and loaded against the Jets with a gimpy Brady?
  12. That would put him coming back against Jax. Trust me, I want/need him back ASAP, but the 2 weeks before that are Seattle and Houston, so its not like he's missing out on some cake match ups. If he comes back Week 12 I will be celebrating.....just need to go at least 6-5 leading into that week.
  13. I haven't seen a lot of their games, but what is the deal? Is he being blanketed/double teamed/ not getting separation? The only times I've seen him targeted he has looked as good as ever.
  14. I'd prefer a Halloween return, but will settle for Thanksgiving For those that are concerned, even if AP balls out with his new team he will be worn down by the time DJ returns and we can all enjoy our championship run.
  15. I just wish they would get him back on KR like last year if they don't plan on using him that much on offense. Although I guess you can't really argue with the fact that they are undefeated doing exactly what they are doing.
  16. Only negative was Winston looked disgusted with him on those 2 dropped passes (or maybe he was disgusted with himself) One of the biggest positives for me (aside from how awesome he looked) is that he has already had his BYE week.
  17. I'm pretty sure they actually credited him with a catch 16 yards on that play. It was a spot of the foul penalty, so he gets all of the yards up until the penalty occurred.
  18. It comes down to Martin or Gallman for me and I think I gotta go Martin based solely on the fact that I do see this as a high scoring game and believe there will be a couple of PI calls in the end zone that will result in said 1 yard plunges even if he doesn't see a lot of volume.
  19. Those are the RB stats against the Patriots last time they played Thursday night.
  20. I think this is pretty accurate, it really does seem that on his catches he is barely noticed at all. Usually wide open like the D just forgot he was even on the field.
  21. I didn’t even look where games are being played this weekend for possible cancellations, but just a heads up there is another hurricane forecast to hit FL/LA/ gulf coast region on Sunday. Shouldn't effect Thursday night in Tampa at all.
  22. Great article, I hope he can live up to the expectations. Also, based on his interview, I think he really was at sports bars watching the Bucs games, pretty funny! Let's go Doug E. Fresh!
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