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  1. Spot on, I saw exactly what you saw. Was waiting for him to catch the big one, but Smith never had the time.
  2. This. I made that mistake once last year. Once.
  3. That's my plan. I don't see how the can possibly give SeaBass his job back if he keeps it up, but you never know.
  4. Too early to try and buy Matty Ice plus any and all Falcons receivers? They face the Saints in week 14 and 16!
  5. Is the Detroit D for real.....Like, ROS real? I haven't watched their games, but they have put up an absurd amount of point the 1st 2 weeks.
  6. I always hate using a roster spot on a handcuff, be us Hunt owners pretty much have to handcuff him with West, right?
  7. The funny thing about Woodhead near the goal line is he kind of disappears and shows up in the end zone. Seems like it is usually on a passing play more than a run, but all those big bodies gummed up near the goal line gives him a chance to sneak in.
  8. I grabbed Younghoe. They wouldn't have cut Lambo if he was no good......they would have cut Younghoe. "Opposing teams averaged just 21 yards a return on Koo's kickoffs, as opposed to Lambo's touch backs (25-yard line)." "The big edge Koo had over Lambo: kickoff variety. Scoring kicks, it was back and forth. Marketing -- Koo, hands down."
  9. Probably depends where he is kicking, but I think in California, Younghoe will get you 15 to 20.
  10. If you draft Brandin & Dalvin: Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen
  11. You very well could be right...........better at WHAT becomes the question.
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