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  1. Well said. My only concern is running out of likes, what’s the daily quota?
  2. Does anyone know if he's in playing shape or has he been making rap albums and riding jet skis?
  3. Next year I'm drafting a D/ST in the first round, that way I won't lose my first rounder to injury. every. single. year.
  4. Anyone rolling him out there today? I’m flipping a coin bwteeen him and James Robinson
  5. Well, he didn't sniff the end zone last week, so there is definitely reason for concern.
  6. If he has a slight headache he most likely has covid19virus
  7. ESPN and a couple of other sites now have him listed atop the depth chart. Is that an official move.....or just the guy at ESPN has him on his FF squad and he's being optimistic?
  8. I drafted him in the hopes that I got 6-8 healthy weeks out of him. We all know he will get injured at some point this season, but I don't think you can bench him until that day comes.
  9. Hunt going to get all of the 4th quarter carries after Chubb breaks 100.......I hope.
  10. Last week Cincy gave up 144 yards and a TD on the ground, but only 1 RB reception. I didn't watch the game, so not sure if they were just all over Ekeler on passing downs or they just didn't pass, but my confidence level just went down after looking at that box score.
  11. Was about to say the same thing, he can't exactly tweak his concussion.
  12. Does Gibson have fumbling issues? I assumed that's why he wasn't in the game. It seems like he did get stuffed near the goal line and then yanked.
  13. I think owning JR is going to be fu n this season, I definitely don't think we have seen his fu ll potential.
  14. With the terrible offensive line play, does anyone think he will be used to block more often? Or are we looking at their #1 receiving option on short routes?
  15. Some leagues have a bonus 3 points when you get to 100 rushing/receiving yards
  16. Did Steelers D keep them to 299 yards? ESPN shows that, but I’m counting 300 after taking away sack yardage.
  17. Yeah, he said he was fine, but no targets in the 2nd half makes me think he was a decoy.
  18. Yep, no doubt, saw it coming a mile away. Was just praying for a score or the clock to run out because even -1 yard was going to lose 4 points. Oh well, just happy to have him this year, looking forward to those rushing yards.
  19. Yep, painful to watch. Probably going to cost me the W. Between that and the TD called back at the 1 inch line, that's -8 points.
  20. Does NBC have this on a 30 second delay? I pulled up the ESPN fantasy app and they are putting up points before it happens on TV. Could at least give me a spoiler alert 🚨
  21. Is this an intervention or the CP84 leeg winnah! thread?
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