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  1. I didn’t draft a RB until the 6th round (Lindsay) and just won the championship. Also drafted Ekeler in the 8th, so he’s a major reason I won. Having a top TE and not chasing TE points through the wire every week was my best decision by far.
  2. Does it list how many career games he was WR1 with Famous Jameis throwing to him?
  3. I'm thinking the same thing, but trying not to overthink it. A couple of 50-yarders by Tucker and I'll be kicking myself. I've always followed the rule of not chasing points with kickers and that's what I feel like I'd be doing if I switch at this point after holding him the entire season.
  4. Am I the only one risking championship hopes on Eli's swan song?
  5. Not to mention he has been taken off return duties which is additional hit to those in return yardage leagues.
  6. That was depressing watching all the targets/drops to Metcalf. How often does Lockett drop a pass? How often does Metcalf drop a pass? Maybe take that into consideration coach!
  7. Bad weather and great D. Anyone benching?
  8. QB: Jackson RB: CMac RB: Cook WR: Thomas WR: Godwin WR: Chark FLEX: Ekeler TE: Waller D/ST: New England K: Younghoe Crazy thing is, with the exception of Thomas, you could have actually drafted this team.
  9. Any reports on if he's healthy coming off the BYE?
  10. He plays the Bucs in the Fantasy semifinals, pretty sure you gotta hold him just for that.
  11. Safe to assume he is fully healed? Meaning there is no chance he goes out there and "aggravates" the injury and comes out of the game. (I realize there is always a chance of another injury)
  12. I just snagged Amendola (late game) in case he's out. He's got a great match-up and tons of targets the last couple of weeks if anyone is looking for a late game insurance policy.
  13. I dropped him for DJAX. Not sure what happened after the first 2 weeks? Seemed like the rookie QB was going to lean on the Legend all year, but I guess that was just him getting comfortable and now he feels safe spreading the ball around. I'm guessing Larry Legend is more of a coach now. It doesn't look to me like he's lost a step, but possibly?
  14. Looks pretty nice IF he can stay healthy. Week 13: Dolphins Week 14: Giants Week 15: Redskins
  15. Waiver wire pick up of the year! I mean, no other WW darling has stepped up to claim the title yet, why not DJAX?
  16. Adams, who has missed the last four games after suffering the injury on Sept. 26, said he’s made “a lot of progress every day.” The two-time Pro Bowl receiver ran routes and caught passes during Wednesday’s practice. The Packers listed him as limited. He said he’s confident he can push off the toe and getting into routes at full speed. The last hurdle is getting clearance from team doctors. At some point this week, Adams and the medical staff will get together and make a decision about his availability for Sunday in Los Angeles. There’s growing confidence that Adams will be heal
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