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  1. Yep. And I thought the same thing as all of the posters above for the first few weeks and then realized he was producing every single week so he became a set it and forget it WR.
  2. 1 hour left, come on, MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!! Where's that smoke from yesterday? Somebody needs to stoke the flames.
  3. Wouldn't be the first Youngho I've traveled to Atlanta to see, Rise Up!
  4. I think the Steelers are looking for a RB with his running style.
  5. Chase Edmonds is this years Phillip Lindsay. Book it.
  6. All of their RB's are banged up right now, he might get 15 targets Thursday night.
  7. They "thought" he was healthy enough to play, then he ran a couple of plays and realized he wasn't. Doesn't make him a lock to play this week.
  8. Free agent RB Jay Ajayi will work out for the Cardinals on Tuesday. RELATED: Arizona Cardinals SOURCE: Adam Schefter on Twitter Oct 21, 2019, 11:28 AM ET
  9. Also interested to see how things play out when Kirk is back, seems like Larry was doing better with him on the field.
  10. Yes, the NFL will maintain the same schedule regardless of the severity of the injury. My point is, make other plans, its not not like he is coming back to some juicy playoff schedule.
  11. If he sits until after the BYE, he gets Oak right out of the gate........and then NE, DEN, CHI for fantasy playoffs 😐
  12. Same here, I feel your pain. I'll bench him next week so the rest of y'all can enjoy a blowup.
  13. I think its more about the Miami D than the hype (at least for me it is)
  14. Choosing between him or Fitzgerald at FLEX.
  15. I'm starting to have flashbacks of DJ's wrist year 😳
  16. In .5ppr her will get you 8.5 to 9.5 on a weekly basis, but this is definitely a 3 headed monster Bolden/Michel/White. I'm not sure what happens when Burkhead comes back, if he jumps in the mix or takes Boldens snaps. I guess full PPR might be different, but I would just grab Bolden or Burkhead off the wire before giving up too much value for White in standard or .5ppr.
  17. He is currently WR9 in .5 ppr, if his name was OBJ, Keenan, Julio, etc. would you bench him?
  18. Hopefully the Giants elect to take the opening kickoff, then the return man brings it out, but there is a holding penalty. Ball will be spotted half the distance to the goal, that was he can start things off with a 91 yard TD instead of 75 yard TD.
  19. Better than it was, but not as good as it's going to be.
  20. Miami's run D is so bad they can both have 100 yard games
  21. Wow, he really does have an amazing schedule all the way until the FF playoffs. Plus getting Herndon back, could be a sneaky good QB play.
  22. They have had a lot of tight end scoring recently, but that has come to an end. Looking ahead, that should open lots of holes for Lockett.
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