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  1. I thought the game script was going to get Ekeler a ton of points, but apparently not. I think Hunter Henry might be taking a lot of his targets.
  2. Are you saying your MNF player asked you to do it? If you’re doing it for them and the Sunday player doesn’t know about it, I would think that would be illegal and you could both get in trouble.
  3. He doesn't even need to be cleared for contact, just draw up about five 80 yard bombs to him where he gets past the defender, flashes the peace sign and nobody even touches him. BOOM! No contact needed.
  4. Is that even real turf though? His turf toe might not be acting up because its astroturf.
  5. Anyone rolling him out there tonight? Just a reminder, start him in a RB slot, not flex.
  6. If you really need a W, I would try and trade Barkley for the Pats D this week
  7. Wow, didn't realize his snap count was steadily decreasing. I did notice his targets are 13, 11, 7, 5, 8. Maybe an age issue?
  8. Me too, Barkley to be specific. I think getting Tyreek back is just what the Dr. ordered.
  9. I'd be left with Minshew or Garoppolo as my QB
  10. I think I would hold tight. You already have a couple of shares of Chubb and nobody knows how that backfield will look when Hunt comes back.
  11. I like the Edelman/fuller side. Both are capable of putting up Julio numbers each week.
  12. NFL Network's Ian Rapoport confirms Davante Adams (toe) is not dealing with a long-term injury. Adams faces an uphill battle to play Sunday at Dallas—he's yet to practice this week—though that could be the only game he misses according to Rapoport, who notes the Packers stud is dealing with a more mild form of turf toe. With Adams' status in doubt, look for Marquez Valdes-Scantling, Geronimo Allison and Jimmy Graham to see more involvement this week.
  13. I just KNEW when Wilson rared back and chunked it that #16 would be waiting on the other end.......nope, DK 🤬
  14. Chiefs play Colts Sunday night. Monday is SF / Browns.
  15. He’s in the later games Sunday, so that will make it tough if he’s a GTD Also, next week is MNF so hopefully the picture is clear by then.
  16. Why all the Cmac comparisons? It's quite obvious we need to be comparing this situation to Ingram/Kamara.
  17. He's ready to join in on the fun! Hopefully this week, but looks like next week at the latest.
  18. We saw it at the end of last year and we are seeing it again, that he just fits in this offense. Maybe he performs so well because he has fresh legs or maybe Samuels is just the better RB?
  19. Will the James Develin injury that lead to more work for Burkhead lead to a Burkhead injury which will lead to more work for James White?
  20. Apparently they just added some guy named Melvin to the squad, they might give him a few carries in garbage time.
  21. True. Heck, it looked like he even wanted back in the game last night, but they wouldn't let him.
  22. Hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst. I can remember plenty of players with turf toe injuries over the years, but I can't remember ever actually seeing the player feeling the pain the second it happened.
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