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  1. Those are the worst (David Johnson owner during the wrist year) My question is, if they put him on IR, he could still come back, right? So no way you can drop him and let somebody else snag him just in time for the playoffs. Or would it have to be "IR designated to return" for him to come back?
  2. Ekeler: 25 carries for 190 yards and 2 TD's ; 7 receptions for 120 yards and 2 TD's Justin Jackson (calf) was added to the Chargers' injury report on Thursday, getting in a limited session. Jackson's status is now questionable for Sunday's game against the Dolphins. If healthy, Jackson could be looking at nearly an entire half of clock-killing duties. Were he to sit, it would create an interesting dilemma for coach Anthony Lynn, who wants to avoid using Melvin Gordon so soon after reporting from his marathon holdout. Sep
  3. Yeah, but why couldn't they list "illness" or "having a baby" like everyone else?
  4. Great comparison! Oh man, brings back memories of all of those garbage time points, it was truly a thing of beauty.
  5. Nailed it. I passed on Julio, Tyreek, etc. because I viewed them and boom or bust (maybe 30 points, maybe 5 points) and drafted Adams for the solid 15 points he would get me week in / week out.
  6. We were just hoping we got twice as many weeks.
  7. Maybe Melvin just leaked this to get his name back in the news and remind all of those RB needy teams that they better act now with those trade offers. (crosses fingers)
  8. I'm holding White/Burkhead for now, if either one of them goes down, the other becomes a set it and forget it RB2.
  9. Well, here's the "problem" ...............the Packers are 3-0 under Lafleur, so how do you make an argument that things need to change?
  10. He's a 6th rounder performing like many RB's taken in the 3rd round. I'm definitely holding.
  11. I'm 50/50 right now, will have to see how froggy I'm feeling Sunday morning.
  12. Dar-WIN or Dar-REL? I think we all know who is going to WIN this job.
  13. That depends, are you trading him for Zeke, Kelce and OBJ?
  14. Shotgun! Hope his pass protection is up to snuff.
  15. Unfortunately for us White owners, there might not be any of those this year. On the bright side, Pats either feel like they owe him or just don't care about running up the score because they were still throwing to him in a blowout.
  16. In a related story, Reed will be out with an injury soon.
  17. NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports Tyreek Hill (clavicle) will be sidelined 4-6 weeks. SOURCE: Ian Rapoport on Twitter Sep 11, 2019, 8:52 AM ET Hopefully this means Kelce will eat and not have double coverage rolled his way for the next month.
  18. Was Mahomes just being cocky with that no look attempt? Because that was an automatic 6 for a wide open Kelce.
  19. Well, they definitely had enough kickoffs come their way. Was Tucker booming them out of the back of the end zone or was Grant just afraid to bring them out?
  20. Anyone considering starting him (in return leagues?) I am wondering how bad the Miami D is, if he gets 4-5 kickoff returns he can definitely produce flex worthy numbers.
  21. He called his boss a racial slur, what do you think would happen if his boss did the same? Raiders have jumped the shark.
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