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  1. Yeah, I heard that, but never saw the limp. Then, his replacement came in and caught a quick 15-20 yarder, that I assume would have been his.
  2. I'm thinking about offering Pollard to the Zeke owner for him. But, more importantly, what kind of helmet was AB wearing during the confrontation?
  3. I woke up in a cold sweat this morning because my TE, QB and K will all be playing in Florida in games I thought might be cancelled........then I realized NFL doesn't start until next weekend 😄 But, it is that time of year, NFL & hurricane season.
  4. Bravo! Now, can we get a pic of Zeke riding Leveon's jetski in Cabo?
  5. I realize nobody wants to own a Redskins WR this year, but if you were forced to have one, who would it be, McLaurin? Looks like Doctson might get traded.
  6. I planned on grabbing Jacobs and/or Montgomery at the 3/4 turn, neither one of them was there, both went early 3rd round in my 12 team, .5ppr. I reached for Lockett in the early 4th because I knew there was no way he would come back to me at the end of the 5th.
  7. The one thing about this guy (in return leagues) is that he's definitely not afraid to take the ball out of the endzone on a KR. However, if the Bears have the best D again, how many KR chances will he really get?
  8. Pittsburgh Steelers wide receivers coach Darryl Drake died overnight, the team announced Sunday. He was 62.
  9. Jags vs. WASH backup QB or Rams vs. PHILLY backup QB
  10. For Week 15, both of my teams in the playoffs, I've got to decide: Jags or Rams and Jags or Bears Help!
  11. Anyone considering ATL for week 15? I realize they are bottom of the barrel, but they are playing the Cards at home.
  12. No clue when/if it will end so I am just enjoying the ride. Like others have said, he has missed a few TD's by inches and seems to be the go to guy in the redzone.
  13. Even if he is boom or bust, that's better than most TE's and the reason Gronk should probably be a 1st round pick every year. Bold predection: Top 5 TE: Jared Cook Top 5 RB: Dalvin Cook Top 5 WR: Brandin Cooks Too many Cooks in the kitchen!
  14. Pretty sure just KR, but that's where the most points come from. Assuming this is a high scoring game he should get a few chamces. Settings are 1 pt. per 10 yards
  15. Anyone (in return leagues) considering flexing him this weekend?
  16. Sony Michel not looking ready for week 1, I think I know a guy who would like to take those RB touches
  17. But what are your predictions for him after Week 1?
  18. Doubt he will be there at 22, definitely not at 27.
  19. -The Guice isn't worth the Marquise -A Rashad Penny for your Thots?
  20. If your team is really bad............Drafted Under the Influence
  21. Was just thinking the same thing. The fact that I have to make a choice on RSJ or ASJ as my TE kind of makes me want to p-u-k-e.
  22. My biggest concern for his production is that he just isn't as good without his "warm up juice" I mean, sometimes when I play pool/darts I start out kind of slow, but once I get a few beers in me I get in the zone.
  23. Does his value take a big hit with Olsen coming back?
  24. I might leave him in my lineup even if he stays on IR, isn't going to get me much less than Brate and I just like the looks of my lineup with him in there
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