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  1. 12 team H2H, 6x6. We keep our best 3 players. Each player can be kept for up to 3 years, so 3 of my guys would have to be traded for another comparable keeper in season. I have 4 choices:1) Mookie Betts (last year I can keep him)2) Ronald Acuna ((last year I can keep him)3) Freddie Freeman ((last year I can keep him)4) Gerrit Cole (could keep for this year and next year)I'm a definite on Mookie and Ronald. Debating between Cole and Freeman. Thoughts?
  2. Thanks all! I decided to stand pat through the trade deadline today and will ride Acuna into next season. Hoping come next year, I can swap him for Yelich, Bellinger, or maybe Arenado or Bregman plus 1 more.
  3. 10-team roto league 6x6 league (Holds/OPS). I am battling for 2nd place (can't catch the leader). Each year, we keep our best 3 players at no cost, but you can only keep someone 2 straights seasons (ie. draft or trade for in year 1, keep in year 2, keep in year 3). My keepers going into next year will be Acuna, Betts, and Freeman. All would be in their final year, so I'd have to trade each one next year. I've been offered Bregman, Goldschmit, and Strasburg for Acuna and Mondesi. I am way up in SBs, so losing mondesi won't matter. I would keep Bregman next year, but not Goldy. HRs and RBIs are where I can make up some ground to move up in the standings. I'd basically plug Goldy into Utility and Bregman into SS. Thoughts? My team: C: Contreras/Vasquez 1B: Freeman 2B: McMahon 3B: R. Nunez SS: Rosario / Mondesi CI: Jose Abreu OF: Betts, Acuna, Aquino Util: Pence SP: Cole, Darvish, Corbin, Keuchel RPs: 4 closers, 2 middle relievers
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