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  1. Robert Covington hit just 3-of-11 shots but also connected on two 3-pointers for 12 points, seven rebounds, three assists, three steals and four blocks in 38 minutes of Tuesday's 116-105 win over the Celtics. Covington's fantasy value comes from his threes, steals and blocks and those assets were on full display tonight. He's blended in really nicely with his new team and should be owned everywhere. The Rockets are basically playing a seven-man rotation, as four players played one minute and Thabo Sefolosha saw just nine minutes. Make sure RoCo's not available in your league.
  2. He shot almost 40% from 30-40 feet during the regular season. A step back 40 footer definitely isn’t a great shot, but he was hot that game I don’t think it was possible for him to take a bad shot
  3. If he keeps playing like this he’ll be lucky to get 20.
  4. Eh, it seems like Adams is often right in the middle breaking things up when Westbrook pretends like he wants to fight someone.
  5. It was one off game though. It was the first time in a month that he had less than 10 shots in a game.
  6. Giannis, AD and KAT had games last season where they shot the ball less than 10 times in a game
  7. He’ll probably be out longer than necessary but no one knows how long is necessary until he gets the MRI.
  8. Do you actually think he wanted out of the game and decided to blame it on the coach?
  9. It was before the 16-17 season. I really don’t get why it upset you so much. I just remembered it because it seemed like a crazy prediction at the time. Didn’t mean to offend you. Sorry Felicia.
  10. Oh right.. because he wasn’t pegged injury prone after missing two years. No need to be upset because I mentioned another poster that believed Embiid would be better than KAT
  11. Pretty sure @GJDHouse also called it before embiid played a game in the nba.
  12. I didn’t do any drafts this year but I figured he was going top 50s because there was a lot of hype and just a couple years ago he looked like a future superstar. He is a bad rebounder and most people should have known that but I think a lot of people were expecting him to have a bigger role on offense. So far he probably has not been worth the draft pick in most leagues. Obviously it’s still early though so hopefully as the season goes on he will be more involved on offense.
  13. Teague apparantely said the meeting was fake news. Would you really choose to send a message over getting Richardson and a pick (or whatever the heat we’re offering)?
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