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  1. Steal of a pick. Incredible football player. Dude is a top route runner. Didn’t have in fantasy but a bills fan and I’ve watched every game.
  2. Clown. Another bust OSU QB. Soon fields will join that list.
  3. Week 16: Murray Kamara, JWilson, AJones Ridley, Beasley, Aiyuk Hockenson Bears Bass Bench: RJones, LMurray, Andrews, Dolphins, JWilliams (dropped this morning for Zack Moss just in case), Goedert (dropped this morning for Folk just in case) Mixon in IR for most of the year. Glad playing Hockenson over Andrews didn’t matter thanks to some luck with Kamara massive game and untimely down games and unfortunate injuries from opponent’s players.
  4. Thank god.... you’d be surprised what I see on here.
  5. FF is wild. I have jones but my matchup ended after the 425 games luckily. Can’t imagine if it was somewhat close or not determined yet. Thanks kamara and jeff wilson. Again... FF just unbelievable variation.
  6. Officials botch another review. Pretty standard.
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