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  1. Daulton Varsho was recalled April 28th and Kalhoun had surgery today, out for the foreseeable future. Granted, Varsho hasn't started the 3 days since being recalled, but if he starts off hot and plays outfield he could be top 5 catcher easy, taking into account the unicorn-like SBs he brings to the catcher position. Could be league winner. Or could be back to the minors and scrap heap.
  2. Watch highlights from last year, he's bullying grown a** NBA players under the rim with multiple own offensive rebounds and he's only 6'6! He seems to be an outlier with his size combination, the way he moves and explodes to the rim in just a couple steps with an unpredictable left hand extension; unlike Curry who was strictly a post guy, if memory serves me correctly. I came in here expecting a hype train but after reading comments I guess I'm in the minority. I think he can push 25/10/1/1 with elite FG%, mildly improved 70-75 FT%, which I don't consider punt territory, and maybe 0.5-1 3pt
  3. For enough. I think he should bat first vs. both LHP as well based on the reverse splits but we'll see how the season plays out. Cheers.
  4. Benintendi? He doesn't look like he should be batting leadoff last year and this year so far. Front office love for a player, despite a significant downward trend, is a prime example of sunk cost fallacy. Unless you think 72/13/68/10/.266 last year and far worse this year is good? If so, I disagree and leave it at that. Anyway, I would be surprised if Benintendi slots back into leadoff when healthy.
  5. One of the few players with reverse splits, higher avg vs LHP, than vs RHP. All systems go and should be every day starter, fantasy or otherwise, until further notice. Profiles as an ideal leadoff hitter and should now have supplanted Benintendi as long as management doesn't fall victim to sunk cost fallacy.
  6. Last update on Rotoworld is he will be getting his first scheduled start after ASB, granted it's far from certain, and was pitching through the injury. Hold for me unless you're desperate. Sub 4 with 8k/9 and plus Wins is fairly hard to come by, assuming they don't dial back his innings.
  7. Starting to heat up. 2 dongs, 3 RBI today. 5/14 in last 3. Love his effortless swing. SB's would be gravy.
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