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  1. Final Stage for me! Just dropped this dude for the likes of Tyron Johnson. Happy Gallodays everyone.
  2. If the Jets can put up 100yds on the ground from Johnson against the Raiders, then Ekeler should be in for a good night.
  3. Can we just start the Kenny 2021 Outlook thread yet.
  4. 36 Points from Russ (6 pt TD) and Metcalf in .5 PPR
  5. Were you scared when he scored a TD against the Ravens earlier this year? Ravens defense is not as frightening as they were last year.
  6. Even if this dude is active on Thursday, he is a sit for me out of spite.
  7. https://www.prideofdetroit.com/2020/11/23/21611596/detroit-lions-injury-report-thanksgiving-dandre-swift-kenny-golladay Yesterday's report had him limited trending upwards so I expect him to fully sit.
  8. Brady retires, AB serves time, Bucs re-sign Winston.
  9. I like your side a tiny bit more. Here to Jones ripping another big one.
  10. Up 42 points and he has Evans left. Looking good to lock up the #1 seed this week.
  11. I think you have to give up J. Robinson in this scenario. As much as I like Kelce, I think you are only going to end up weaker by giving up key pieces.
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