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  1. Be sure to have a contingency plan in case the Chiefs rest some starters week 17.
  2. I'd veto it. Cal made a trade that clearly doesn't help his team and clearly helps another.
  3. I highly doubt it. Nall and Lamar Miller were barely used last night despite plenty of opportunity.
  4. For this pick, who have you already used? And is it a single pick through the entire season?
  5. They were losing in the first quarter for literally less than a minute. And regarding OT, who do you trust more? A rookie 6th rounder playing his first game......or Deshaun Watson?
  6. I watched the game. IMO, the Texans were in control since the first quarter.
  7. If you've already used the Packers, then the Saints are also in a good spot at home vs the 49ers.
  8. Patriots/Jets was wild. Texans/Jaguars, not so much.
  9. At the end of the 3rd, the Texans were driving, and after a minute into the 4th, they were up by 13.
  10. It doesn't matter where you live, and it's not a false statement. Look at the standings and schedules, and you'll see that.
  11. Look at it this way...the Texans still have playoff aspirations which means that every game going forward is essentially a playoff game.
  12. The Texans have no reason to tank since they don't have a first or second round draft pick next year. I also hope they don't trade Fuller since they just gave Watson a $160m extension. Texans are also coming off a Bye, and even with no tape, it'll be easier for the Texans to game plan for Luton than for Jacksonville to game plan for Watson. The Jaguars also have one of the worst defenses in the league. Over the past 6 weeks, they've given up at least 30 points each week (some against middling offenses).
  13. This is Luton's first career start, he's a 6th round rookie, and the Texans are coming off a bye so they've had plenty of time to prepare. I have a few entries, and the Texans will definitely be one of my picks.
  14. Yeah, it's tricky, but you've done a great job preserving high-value picks. The only way it works for me is to use either the Falcons, Panthers, or Lions at some point. IMO, the only chance for the Falcons would be this week at home versus Denver, but Ridley will be out so there's hesitation. The only chance for the Panthers would be week 11 at home vs Detroit (assuming Golladay is out). I wouldn't want to use Detroit at all. It would look something like this: Week 9: Packers at 49ers Week 10: Saints vs 49ers Week 11: Vikings vs Cowboys. Panthers vs Lions. Week 12:
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