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  1. Crazy game. Brady, with all those weapons, getting romped by the pitiful Atlanta defense. The ATL offense is the epitome of a one trick pony. Every play, the same... Ryan guns the ball downfield. And every single play, the TB defense has no answer. Ryan has 31 pass attempts in the first half.
  2. He's also fresh. I am rolling him out as well in place of MT and I feel pretty decent about it. Good luck DJ owners
  3. Certified bum. His stock is swirling down. He got his money though!
  4. Correct. He actually played most of his snaps from the slot. He looked great as well. Hard to say where else he goes from here in 2020, but Bowden looks to be a real dynamic asset and his 2021 stock has risen greatly. If he keeps that wr/rb tag next year, he'll be invaluable.
  5. Starting Hilton over him though hope he does well, and hope it's the right decision.
  6. I can't wait to see this guy next year. I have a good feeling JuJu will be gone.
  7. The Ravens offense is so rudimentary. It's hilarious to see NFL defenses have trouble stopping it. It's basically a high school offense. I'm not taking away anything from Lamar. He's obviously a rare talent. It's still funny. After the first half, I believe the offense had 16 runs to 3 passes. lol
  8. Mostert banged up. If Wilson has the backfield to himself, he's a league winner. A must add IMO. Edit: I do find it hilarious peeps are still even mentioning Coleman's name.
  9. I dropped him after the game. Just no point gambling on Brown and this unpredictable offense.
  10. 16 runs, 3 passes. This offense is only moderately successful because nfl teams aren't accustomed to playing high school offenses.
  11. The Saints offense is inspired by Coach Boone from Remember the Titans.
  12. 1,000yds receiving in a single game would be a record, wouldn't it? lol
  13. Between the new HC, OC and QB... I didn't know until now that it was Bridgewater all along.
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