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  1. Easily make that trade for Murray. Heck, I'd even trade Cooper/Woods for Josh Allen given your situation. You have the depth.
  2. Yeah we've had a lot of back and forth, needs to be Swift in this trade or no deal (we both know Akers has next to no value currently). Depth is less important given the roster constructs, so most people are looking to upgrade starter slots while shedding some depth. If I do accept, will be riding Jrob & Montgomery for the next 3 weeks while Chubb heals and pick up a desperation waiver play for Week 8 Jrob bye.
  3. From the waiver wire I would get Higgins, but you have enough RB depth that you could stand to trade a guy like Gaskin or Swift for a better option
  4. Sounds like you're set on acquiring Pollard, so I would be willing to trade either hardman or kirk for him since you have tons of guys as good or better than those two. Aim for the 2nd round pick obviously, but if he says no then you'd be fine accepting for a 3rd.
  5. This should come down to your preference of JRob & Mixon as the other pieces are a wash. Like many others in the thread, I'd lean toward Mixon and make the deal.
  6. Thanks. And no, Boyd would be behind Ridley/AJ Brown/Moore and may never see my starting lineup barring injury. Still like the player though.
  7. Easy yes from your end. No point in having 6 good/decent RB's, so might as well trade in some of those good chips for a great one.
  8. I'd hold for at least a week to see Giesicki's dynamic with Tua. We've seen young QB's rely on the TE as a security blanket in the past, so brighter days may be ahead. And 3 solid RB's is a huge advantage presuming you can start them all. Thanks
  9. 12-team, 0.5PPR league. I have the opportunity to trade Kenyan Drake & D'andre Swift for Nick Chubb & Tyler Boyd. Few pieces of context: This league has no flex spot, so only 2 RB's start per week. Depth doesn't matter as much Current RB's are JRob, Montgomery, Drake, Swift, Akers. Would need to pray that JRob & Montgomery can stay healthy for the next 3 or so weeks. I'm 4-2 in a league where 8 of 12 make playoffs. Would v likely be able to take a hit for a few weeks and still make it in. Let me know what you think, and WHIR of course!
  10. I’m selling ‘low’ on Lamar & DJ Moore. Guys with name value like Lamar get a longer leash, but his accuracy this year has been seriously concerning. Add in the knee limiting his running potential and I’d be looking to sell for a Kyler or Josh Allen on the QB front. Personally I traded him for JRob 1 for 1. In DJ Moore’s case, it’s just painfully obvious that he’s not the #1. Probably the #3 option after Robby and the RB. 4, 5 and 6 targets for a guy who doesn’t score TD’s, with Teddy performing as well as we can reasonably expect going forward, and their top target RB not even
  11. How many teams in your league? If it’s 12 or fewer, you could probably get a Hardman level option on waivers. I would hold tight, Julio should be back soon
  12. Thanks for the help on mine. Coincidently I’m also deciding between Moore & Brown and am confidently rolling with AJ. Wouldn’t go with Julio until we see him truly healthy
  13. 12-team, 0.5 PPR. I have the opportunity to trade Lamar Jackson 1 for 1 for James Robinson. Maybe a panic sell, but would be lying if I said I wasn't concerned about Lamar's play thus far. My current RB's are bad. Montgomery, Drake, Kelly, Swift (though this league has no flex, so I'm only required to start 2 per week). Top QB's on waivers are Stafford, Bridgewater, Fitzpatrick, etc. What do you think? Thanks, and WHIR!
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