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  1. I remember ankiel being the real life version of Charlie Sheen's character in major league before he got his glasses. You didn't know if it was going to be right down the middle or 10ft above the catchers head
  2. Thibs spotted in the locker room just now. Reporters were shocked at what they saw:
  3. 41 minutes tonight. this guy is about to get luol deng minutes
  4. Covington seems like the type of player that thibs thinks about when he's wanking it watching game film
  5. Pretty sure you guys are getting trolled lmao. That reads like it's a Reddit copypasta about LeBron and Kobe with ayton and Luka replacing their names.
  6. Your analogy doesn't make sense. If you dropped fultz, it's because you found a different scratch off to buy with what you think has even higher odds because you now have more info into regular season rotations. If you want to hang on to fultz, good on you. Nobody is calling you a bad owner. Might work, probably won't. That's why he's dirt cheap.
  7. It's exactly like playing the lotto. Sometimes your 2 dollar auction players don't pan out. Do all of your two dollar players pan out?
  8. Sounds like you are painting with a broad brush. Most of us invested very little into Fultz in the first place. Personally, I drafted Fultz with the expectation that he'd be a little more involved than he is. I thought that he would get a shot at being the secondary ball handler outside of Simmons. Thought he might be a decent source of assists and stocks for a PG. That being said, he just looks kind of useless in their offense at this point. The steals will probably be there, but what other upside is he bringing to the table? He's probably not gonna average more tha
  9. You complaining? LMFAO Wow..tough crowd Bad FG% but all I wanted was high usage and he delivered. Patience grasshopper.
  10. Brogdon? Eh. I'd consider it if you need 3s and pts
  11. With Fultz returning soon (allegedly) and Teague back in a couple of weeks, who should I drop?
  12. Who should I start. Thread title says it all.
  13. Let's be real, you weren't seriously going to bench Julio were you?
  14. What was I wrong about? I said Allen might be good and he might not? Not ground breaking stuff. I was cautiously optimistic and said that I hoped he kept it up but wouldn't be surprised if he didn't lol. He's still not somebody that I consider a "stud," there are only a couple of guys who I will give that status too at WR. And those are guys who have been elite options for years. I'm not going to pretend like I know the future
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