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  1. The man calls him overrated (as evident in the name Marshall being in the overrated group) and then in his all NFC north team Marshall is not even a top 3 choice. It has nothing to do with ADP
  2. I must have read that different than you, I didn't get those meanings out of it at all. (except Patterson's targets, 3rd is reasonable) Are we reading the same article? Guys says he would rather have jordy or Alshon....what other meaning is there to get?
  3. New article on NFC north calls both jordy And alshon better than Marshall And Corradelle maybe 4th!!!!!!!!!! In targets on the vikes. That is stupid enough to deserve getting fired.
  4. So Rudy who is not gronk like is now Carlson. I remember sometimes in 3rd grade my teacher would write Proofread on the top of my paper In red pen. Can root world hire Mrs Addison? she is pretty old by now I assume but she would at least remind you to proofread
  5. Flacco, lol Remember last year fools were righting articles about him being "elite" At least roto didn't bite to bad and said if you stream him you have to do it at home
  6. Black : T-rich had a an disappointing week this Sunday. The 5th week averaging under /.5ypc a And no TSS during this period Roto Blue: Hail Saint Trent Richardson. He is so big and strong and fast and has burst. Jesus 2.0 also has great catching abilities, is a workhorse and elite rb. He is so awesome his sweat probably cures cancer and AIDS. Real Blue: what a ****ing loser
  7. newest MJD blurb is harsh. coming off a injury behind a bad joke of a oline with no weapons and clearly got better as time went on. you would think he ran like mcgahee.
  8. rotoworld is good for injury news and inactive lists rankings are a dime a dozen and when you start attaching 1/2/3 after WR/RB/TE
  9. Wilson's head is still connected to his neck..............better get the hype train going.
  10. Rotoworld Blurb Writing 101 Step 1. State blatantly obviously Step 2. develop hard on for player A Week 1- Player A bombs Blurb - Player A is still elite Week 2- Player A bombs Blurb- can't blame him with XXX qb Week 3- Player A does ok Blurb- See.....we told you he was the greatest Week 4- Player A gets 0 points Blurb- XXX D is tough Week 5 Player A get negative points Blurb- everyone has down days Week 1- Player B 16 points Blurb- fluke week 2- 14 Blurb- fluke...don't chace production week 3 - 6 Blurb- see we told he sucked Week 4- 21 Blurb - Nothing written week 5- 1
  11. panthers asking smith to take a pay cut, should be asked Jstew to take a giant pay cut...........or jump off a bridge. panthers got plenty of bad contracts, smitty is hardly a big fish in that catergory.
  12. I am the 1st to admit that I am NOT a good writer. My spelling is poor and I rely on spell check. But then again I am not being PAID to write. How did the standards get so dam low. Its pathetic. Proof-read you work for gods-sake, I am sure you 3rd grade teacher would be proud if you did.
  13. only 1 character off..........good job rotoworld. Instead of incredibly stupid homer-ist knee jerk writing you writing now just looks like the lazy work of some writer to unprofessional to proofread anything.
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