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  1. I actually have all three on my roster today. Standard Yahoo default stats and can only start one. I have flip flopped on Baker and Carson, but I don't even think I can ignore Cam. Thoughts??
  2. Just one spot remains. I am unsure and just asked that question to the commish.
  3. Most of the settings are on the Yahoo link. I believe it is shared once pays on Leaguesafe. If something is missing, I am sure I can answer it for you or ask the commish for a response. Just two spots remain.
  4. I am helping to fill this league...sorry for my last post as I screwed it up somehow. Please follow this link for more information. There are seven PAID so far with just three openings remaining.,
  5. Just joined this league and we are only a couple of people away from having a full league.
  6. 9 Comments Give Award Share Save 9 Comments Give Award Share Save
  7. Here is a last minute one I joined that is posted on reddit:
  8. I see you are full, but I can join immediately if you have someone who has not paid yet.
  9. If you change your mind on this let me know...I would definitely prefer to see the league settings for myself first. If you still prefer not to show them, then I do wish you luck with the league.
  10. Can I get the ESPN link to view the settings? If all good, I'll join immediately.
  11. Looking to join one more league...don't care if it is snake or auction, ppr or standard. Do prefer LeagueSafe though. Also prefer a money league... $10 to $50.
  12. Is this the same league that you were trying to form last night? I had to bail since it was running late. Again, I am interested but don't want to be up all night waiting for it to happen. How many paid so far?
  13. seems you will be starting 11PM EST or later. Sorry, but I gotta back out.
  14. You have 12 on Yahoo, but do you have 12 paid? Big difference. How many paid, I don't know how to view that on league safe. You still have the league set to Autopick...seriously will screw up the league once the draft starts. I will join once you change that setting and you have at least 10 paid.
  15. I'll join...but can you change: Autopick to Snake. The draft will be effed up if you leave it this way. Any consideration in shortening the bench. Do we really need 8 bench players? Most leagues have 6. What's the update? How many have paid?
  16. How many paid owners do you have? I'm interested if you are close to filling. bsinger1207@gmail.com
  17. I'll take a spot if a team is still available. Do want to see league settings and payouts first though. Email is pokerface1207@hotmail.com
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