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  1. I have the day off from work today and would like to join a league if someone is seeking an owner last minute! No preference to PPR or not... or if Auction/Snake. Seeking a money league that is up to $50.
  2. s---! I joined but got confused on the draft time! I thought it was 9 EST...but it is pacific. Thats midnight my time...sorry, I had to delete the team. HMU if you decide to go earlier.
  3. Hey all... I have a 10 team snake draft (full PPR) coming up soon and I drew the 4th overall pick. At first, I figured I would be drafting Zeke Elliott, but that will not be the case any longer. I figure that A. Brown, D. Johnson and L. Bell will be snatched up with the first three picks. I believe that I will either go with OBJ or Julio Jones. I am leaning towards Julio just because there are not as many quality options for Ryan to throw to and he is a better QB than Eli. Would anyone go OBJ here? Anyone consider a different player altogether?
  4. If you are willing to go up to a $50 buy in, I have two 16 team leagues that have a few spots remaining.  One is an auction draft and the other is snake draft.  Let me know if you both would like an invite to review the settings.

  5. These leagues are only $50 and are H2H...but thought you might be interested.  I can send you a link for the settings if you let me know:  



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