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  1. Need two players for my league. As you can see by the settings in the OP it will be a fun PPR with extra scoring league so should be fun. Need 2 guys to join and pay right away so i don't have to change the draft date and time that the other 8 people paid on time and were waiting for which is Sunday at noon.
  2. Hey guys my league was full but two people didn't pay at LeagueSafe by the deadline of 8:00pm tonight so i need two people to join and pay right away? Let me know cause the draft is set for Sunday at Noon. Thanks
  3. So we were full but one player had to drop out so we now have one opening which will be whoever gets me their email and joins and pays gets the open spot. Leave me your email if you want to at least go check out the settings and see if you want to pay. If you don't then just let me know and i'll take you out or you can actually delete your team yourself if you know how.
  4. Bumpy bump Need 1 more player in my league. Gonna be a good fun competitive league.
  5. I'm looking for one player to join my league but we're gonna be a 10 team league with a $30 buy in through League Safe. Here's the link if you wanna go check out the settings and then stay in or get out if you do or don't. https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/787366/invitation?key=3d8c14f0e75a58cb&soc_trk=lnk&ikey=54368d02b74ec5bb
  6. I forgot to put that the reason for this is because i have 9 players as of now so obviously adding those two leagues would put me at 11.
  7. @scj6771 What's going on? So this is the deal. The draft is Aug 18th but i want the league full so i have time to post the Leaguesafe link and everyone has time to go pay by Aug 14th, 15th at the latest so if by the 15th we don't find a 12th player then i'd have to drop one of the two that you're trying to join the league with. Would you be alright with that or is it the two of you need to join or nothing? By the way, it isn't you trying to run both leagues is it?
  8. Well if GBeads ends up joining then that will be 9 so just one more to get 10 teams. Then i'll post the Leaguesafe link for everyone to go pay and maybe leave it open until we get to the draft date to see if we can get 12 teams but i'm good with just doing 10 teams so one more.
  9. What's up guys? So i'm trying to get at least 10 players but would go to 12 if that many wanted to join and right now have 4 players so obviously need at least 6 more. So it's a PPR league with extra scoring, no kickers and no trades allowed.I only want people who will stay active and show up to set lineups every week even if it's week 10 or 11 and you're already out of the playoff race i want you to still at the very least set your lineup every week so it keeps it fair for everyone. It's a $30 buy in through Leaguesafe and the payouts will be, 1st--$200, 2nd--$70, 3rd--$30 and that's if
  10. That's why i've always liked yahoo the most cause you can find all sorts of leagues doing different things making it exciting. I'm gonna miss not playing any yahoo leagues but the one with my friends.
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