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  1. He's flying deep under the radar after his abysmal season with the Jets. But the Jets were terrible too. He's now signed in NO, a great fit for his skillset. Maybe we see a bounce back ? Worth a flyer ?
  2. Yes he did. And got a TD. I wonder if he's starting or they're going to go for Chris Johnson right out of the street.
  3. I don't know about him being able to be WR1. He was targeted 4 times for 0 receptions and 0 targets. Awesome
  4. Do you think one can count at least on a time-share to start the season, for thus of us in deep leagues ?
  5. I'm on board. I believe Cutler will target him a lot. I just traded up to take him at #59 in my 15-teamer draft (So it was 4.11). Over players like Sanders, Tate, Edelman and Marshall. For what it worth.
  6. An adequate comparison could be Steven Jackson who played all his career in terrible Rams offense then when he was old joined Atlanta explosive offense. Well he wasn't in competition with Ingram so he was actually a 2nd rounder, but still, a bringing a good cooked RB in a great offense didn't work that easily, so that's it for the ''he never was in such good an offense'' argument.
  7. Reminds me when Sharpe over DGB was a "motivational tactic"
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