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  1. Who would you start in the flex? 

    Godwin @ ATL

    J. Wilson @ DAL 

    T.Hilton Vs HOU


    Godwin hasn't really been reliable this year 


    Wilson is going to share the field with an injured Mostert against a juicy DAL Def. 


    Hilton been killing it the past few games after a non-existent season and is going against a HOU team he tore up a few weeks prior. 


    Thanks and leave a link WHIR

  2. Feel like if OBJ going to break out it will be this week game. Dallas secondary is hurting and they play fast offensively so potential for a blow up game. 

    I would try to work out a deal with Raheem for Henderson and try to find pieces not involving OBJ at least not until this week. 

  3. 1 minute ago, herschel said:

     if hoodie/brady couldnt keep him in check, what makes you think any other team could....


    To be fair all his craziness that happen to him was before he sign with the Pats and was just coming to light when he was on there. He didn't really do anything bad while on the Pats roster. 

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