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  1. Golladay, Metcalf is going to eat into Locket targets as the season go on.
  2. Or they should sign McCarron like Hue wanted, draft Barkley @1 and Chubbs at 4 to wreck it opposite of Myles Garrett.
  3. Now we know why he fell so far in the draft after being talked about being a top a top 10 pick.
  4. Lol, I remember those talks of him being a HC somewhere, how times change
  5. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/01/09/report-nick-saban-not-interested-in-giants-job/
  6. Feels good to win a championship after being 3rd 3 years in a row. Megatron, Johnny Football and DeAngelo Williams brought that extra something I needed to get me over the top!!
  7. Bibbs, he is going to have the backfield to himself and he can grab check downs
  8. Josh Gordon, targets are there and he just needs to break one
  9. Wallace, don't think you can start any WR with confidence against that D
  10. Bibbs, always bet on the guy who has a backfield to himself
  11. Diggs @ GB or Shepard @ ARZ Diggs in the better offense playing against a week GB defense but he is second in the pecking order for targets and might be a co-weather game which Keenum not very accustom too. Shepard is the last man standing at WR for NYG and he plays the slot so no or very minimal amount of Patrick Peterson, Kinda in a poop offense so PP might shadow him instead of a split receiver since the outside guys aren't really a threat Wallace, Westbrook and Goodwin are all in waivers
  12. Championship week for me and got to pick 2 between Fitz Vs NYG Diggs @ GB Shepard @ ARI Fitz against a weak giants D but another QB Diggs against a weak Packers D but Keenum hates him Shepard seems like he is back but another qb?? Top of the Waivers for WRs M.Wallace Vs Ind M.Goodwin Vs Jax D.Westbrook Vs SF
  13. So whats the prospect on CHI defense if Cleveland make a QB change?
  14. Which unit for week 16? all my defenses look like they have favorable match-ups. Baltimore Vs Ind LA Chargers @ NYJ Chicago Vs Cle
  15. Almost did a trade earlier in the season that would have cost me a playoff spot potentially. Zeke for Mike Evans. Pulled the trigger but Mike Evans owner backed out.
  16. Need someone on the bench to help my team go over the hump, who would you pick up?
  17. Wilson, Fitz, Ertz, Bell, Gurley are the only draftee im starting now http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/689216-goodwin-fitz-or-diggs-whir/
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