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  1. Seals, dont trust what ever healed Rudolf that fast
  2. Perine, Skins are projected to be ahead and he is going to be fed till he breaks
  3. Goodwin, Wilson is the only guy who gets rushing TDs and Rushing yards in that offense http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/689216-goodwin-fitz-or-diggs-whir/
  4. Burkhead and Ivory http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/689216-goodwin-fitz-or-diggs-whir/
  5. Bryant, see a high scoring affair that game between elite offenses
  6. Keep it where u at now just would moce in CMC over Watkins
  7. Foles, Giants D is doo doo http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/689216-goodwin-fitz-or-diggs-whir/
  8. Perine and Collins http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/689216-goodwin-fitz-or-diggs-whir/
  9. Pick 2 Diggs Vs Cinc (depleted Cincy Secondary, Case hates him) Goodwin Vs Ten (Jimmy G loves him, playing against Ten great CBs) Fitz @ Redskins (Redskins D gets beat in the slot, Norman never cover slot) Obviously will help with yours
  10. Yeldon scares me and if I remember correctly he did better than Ivory when the two split carries earlier this season
  11. If you wanted a system like that then you should have turn off waivers for players dropped before games are played. If a person needed to use commish powers to gain a competitive advantage in a game then that is abuse of power. Next year set your system like that. You made a bad call live with it.
  12. Ivory and pray he gets all the carries if you need a hail Mary
  13. Nope, if you have to use your commish power to do by-pass the system that is abusing your powers even if you would do it for others
  14. I don't think Foles is that bad, dude did well before playing under Jeff Fisher at the Rams (Jeff the QB killer Fisher)
  15. Big Ben, hes at home and against a Patriots D that can get beat badly
  16. AJ, since Cincy going to play from behind Adams since Rodgers is back and they might lean on him hard Crabtree because Corey exist http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/689088-whir-perine-or-ivory-in-the-flex/
  17. Jordy, Rodgers been hyping him and feel like Rodgers going to go crazy first game back
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