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  1. Nick Foles, dude just has a better offense around him against a sorry Giants defense without key players
  2. AJ since I feel like Cincy is going to play from behind and Jordy since Rodgers been hyping him up this week.
  3. Who would you start in the Flex? Perine Vs Arz or Ivory Vs Hou Perine looks like he will get all the volume against a Cards defense that's has been doing well against the run while Ivory is getting the start against a Texas defense that is also doing well against the run. Redskins O-Line does look straight doo doo right now while Ivory got Yeldon taking away carries from him.
  4. Which 2 would you start? Fitzgerald @ WAS Goodwin Vs Ten Diggs Vs Cin Fitz is going to be in the slot so no Norman, Goodwin seems like the go-to in SF and Diggs isn't going to have to compete for targets against Rudolf
  5. Playing against the owner who lost Wentz, his back up is Brees
  6. Its ok Mr Rodgers, take the rest of the season off you deserve it
  7. Owning Wilson made me never check my fantasy points till after the game. Better for the heart.
  8. I think its just the City of LA, they aren't a football town and don't have a football culture/fan-base to support TWO NFL teams.
  9. Lots of his early season struggles stem mostly from never running with the QB under center in college. Guy ran a majority of his runs in Oklahoma out of the shotgun.
  10. Thinking about dropping Adams for Ravens D before Sunday. The darkest timeline
  11. I remember that game, dude got sacked more times than yards he threw
  12. At this point just going to Ride or Die with Zeke
  13. One of my WRs can be consistent right?
  14. Being heard today byKatherine Polk Failla (Big boss judge) she has the final say
  15. still no updates on the docket Date Filed # Docket Text 10/30/2017 50 ORDER FOR ADMISSION PRO HAC VICE: granting 49 Motion for Paul Clement to Appear Pro Hac Vice. (Signed by Judge Katherine Polk Failla on 10/30/2017) (ap) (Entered: 10/30/2017) Last one I mention earlier, will keep an eye out Also how the docket seems like up to this date I don't think Zeke will be suspended and/or the judge will go counter to the 3 minor judges unless she is a Giants Fan like the NFL investigator that re
  16. Anyone with PACER access here is the case info Southern District of New York (Foley Square) CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 1:17-cv-06761-KPF First Doc entry of the day is just a swearing in of attorneys and checking if all of them are in good standings with the court. Nothing of note Will update this as things get posted
  17. Teddy is basically a more mobile Sam Bradford, I think Teddy was compared to Bradford pre-draft as well. If he has some semblance of his mobility from before the injury then its a PLUS for Diggs
  18. Second week in a row my two WRs combine for 4Pts
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