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  1. Dolphins since the Ravens Offense looks a a lot less scary compare to those other teams and Pats D has the potential to get poop with points galore
  2. I'll take Abdullah over Lynch, Abdullah got less competition for touches on his offense, is less likely to do something stupid to miss games and isn't over 30
  3. Feels good to know my first 3 picks are top 5 for most of these list
  4. Sterling Shep? Last remaining body there
  5. Took Bell 3rd overall, Gurley in the 2nd and Zeke 3rd Guy who had 2nd overall skipped on Bell due to hold out concerns and Gurley fell because everyone thought the Rams gonna suck and a bit of salt from Redskins homers.
  6. My WRs are straight doo doo and my team is being carried by my RBs No confidence every week for my team
  7. Joe Mixon believes the Bengals need to run the football more. Source: ESPN Oct 23 - 9:00 AM Says every RB ever
  8. I'll do it, Zeke becomes your best RB and with the way things looking for Zeke you going to have him all year long.
  9. Ask for a Wayne Rooney type player to sweeten the deal.
  10. how would he not know about Aaron Rodgers injury until now? Buyers remorse at work
  11. Henry is trending upwards who can be a league winner if Murray goes down.
  12. Hogan Cooks Baldwin Alshon Cooper Amendola
  13. Why is AlfMo the change of pace back, from what I remember in WAS he was a bruiser with no hands.
  14. Ill take Cooper over Chris Thompson, his touches are limited due to the Skins wanting to keep him healthy (history of injuries)
  15. Collins, since he is a bit more known than Gallman
  16. Gallman I think is guarantee a bit more touches than the other two but he is an unknown commodity so it is a gamble
  17. Did the exact same move after the game. Kupp is no longer the main target there (Gurley, Watkins) and with Kearse you know he is the man there. Also Kupp sexy good looks cost the Rams the game against the Redskins since all Goff can see is him in his eyes. But after that game costing INT I think Goff found a better crush in Watkins and Gurley.
  18. I would trade Fat Rob for Pryor, guy if the biggest body in the Skins receiving core other than often injured Reed and 4th string Doctson Also Pryor could of had an amazing game last week if Cousins didn't over throw him a few times.
  19. I'll drop Kamara and play the waivers, that backfield a mess and you will be downgrading on your Sec (Pitts d is still good bit it's not den) for TE that plays with Gates. edit: Grab Watson think he got that Pitts role now
  20. Julio owner has a stack team and don't want to make it stronger, Brown owner probably want another player with Zeke for Brown.
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