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  1. WTF. needed 20 points between Ebron and JuJu. Ebron gets hurt and Ben can't throw the ball. Unreal
  2. They're probably just managing his reps. We'll see what he does tomorrow.
  3. He went from being out for the rest of the season to only missing 1 week.. I don't see how he's healthy
  4. Sitting him for Tyrell Williams this week. I think he's fine but I can't pass up Tyrell against the Houston'less secondary in which I'd assume Oakland will be playing from behind.
  5. Well I am glad I have OJ Howard as well. Rollin' OJ out there. Can't risk waiting until tonight.
  6. here goes nothin... Gronk or nothing this week, as Clay's rostered and any other Pats TE is useless
  7. That's who I currently have in and agree
  8. Drake and Freeman. Thielen and AJ Thanks for help with mine.
  9. I'd go Morris and Davis. Thanks for the help with mine
  10. PPR. Jamison Crowder Marqise Lee Chris Hogan
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