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  1. You really think Brady doesn't know how to deal with crowd noise? Well, obviously the discussion has to stop there because we all know only the Bucs played in games with no crowd noise: Damn Seahawks fans just can't forgot 2015
  2. If you don't mind having an owner with a team in both leagues, I would be more than happy to take the Rockies in five hole league....Email timmy93@hotmail.com
  3. Really interested in any team in the hardcore league: I would prefer Anaheim but would be more than happy to take any team...E-mail me timmy93@hotmail.com
  4. Dillion is out cause he is the one with COVID: Williams is out because he is a close contact of Dillon
  5. Wow, I had 13 players , out of 17 out this week! dropped some players I didn't want too, fun stuff...And I had a decent team
  6. But they might not have an opponent this week if Atlanta can't play right?
  7. I think this has a TON to do with it, kind of like what happened to Kingery...Yes buy low in dynasty
  8. Was it supposed to be the 3rd out of the inning? If it was anything after that is unearned as the inning should be over....Didn't see the game and will take a closer look later
  9. Louis Robert hit 7th tonight not worth a roster spot?
  10. Just my preference but I don't like to make trades before week 1...Even more so this year with no preseason
  11. He didn't play in the ACC or SEC: he played in the AAC, big difference
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