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  1. Seeding DOES mean something. A #1 seed most likely will get an easier match-up than a #4 seed in an 8-team PlayOff. But not in all cases, of course. The odds are much better for the #1 seed......And getting a bye week in a 6-team PlayOff definitely means something. You are 2 games away from a Championship as opposed to 3 games.
  2. If the other team starts at the 25 yard line and tries a quarterback sneak and scores a touchdown - I would say you have a very bad defense. So whatever you do don't punt.
  3. Ok. I'm doing good so far. 2nd Place. It wont last........
  4. I'll take team #2. But I don't do the GroupMe thing. dino10k@yahoo.com
  5. Sent invite to lukekool@hotmail.com It is a free league with no buy-in........ This is a mystery to me - Why would you pay for a bad team in Dynasty? A $50 buy-in as an example. Wouldn't it make more sense to pay less for a bad team? Have some kind of buy-in amount based on strength of team.......Seems like some of these pay leagues have a hard time getting someone to take a bad Dynasty team if they have to pay the same amount as the good teams. Maybe there are owners who like throwing money away. I don't know........Pay leagues are not necessarily more active than free leagues. If t
  6. 18 Team Dynasty League going into Year 8. Team has 6 good players to build on. Weekly line-ups. Start 8. 12 man roster and 1 IL. 21 total player moves. Top teams get 12 to 15. Yahoo. Capella - Bledsoe - Bagley - Isaac - Winslow - Culver.
  7. I draft the best player available. Then I order a pizza.
  8. The way this works is if you say you want the team then I send the invite to your posted email and you are supposed to go to your email and accept the invite and you are in the league. Apparently the last 2 did not know this. Let's try again.......Sorry if I don't send invite right away. I'm not on here 24 hours a day. I've never had to do this in past years. "Hey I'm starting a new Dynasty League." Too many of these 2 year Dynasty Leagues on this board. Yes, most will last about 2 years.......But they are fun to draft................................... The LeBron team is still
  9. Invite sent to sourpunch......Last guy did not join. So hopefully this team will be taken. But if not then will be available again tomorrow.
  10. LeBron team still available. Thehottip did not take it.......Waivers set for Oct. 5th.
  11. Dynasty H2H Points League Yahoo. No money but all teams are active. 8 year league..... Have 17. Need 1 more replacement. 14 returnees and 3 new owners.
  12. The LeBron - Middleton - D Howard team drafted Jaxson Hayes. Still need owner for this team. Roster listed above.
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