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  1. I think his body broke the plane was on the other side of the pylon?
  2. Except he has had like 2 drops that would of gave him like 70 more yards. He is great, but needs to work on his quick check downs, audibling at the line.
  3. They say Edmunds is hurt with a hip, Drake on third downs. NOPE DJ FOSTER TIME. WTF
  4. Download the yahoo fantasy app the game is there for free.
  5. lots of game and 100% garbage time daniels already targeted him twice.
  6. 1. Atl has a terrible defense forcing them to catch up because KC will score. 2. They have no run game, there only offense is running. 3. Gage played 91% of snaps last week more than Ridley at 89%. 4. He has averaged 9 targets a game the last three games. 5. He has had double digit points the last 3 games. I am guessing a big game but of course I'll jinx it.
  7. Owner who is starting him. But look at the wrs the chiefs have faced in 2020. Week 1- fuller roasted them Week 2- Allen roasted them Week 3- Balt- terrible wrs Week 4- NE- terrible wrs Week 5- LV terrible wrs Week 6- Buffalo. Diggs and Beasley both did well. Week 7- Den- terrible Wrs Week 8- Jets- terrible wrs Week 9- Car- Samuel and Anderson roasted them. Week 10- Bye Week 11- Raiders terrible wrs, but Agolohor had a big game. Week 12- Tampa- Evans and Godwin had big games. Week 13- Denver- terrible wrs Week 14- Mia- terri
  8. Watched the whole game yeah that int was on him but he had to extend ALOT and Brees gunned it. In the first half he barely played for some reason. He drew a PI after roasting a corner in the endzone. In the 2nd, he was an almost every down player and looked great. He did well and shouldn't of killed anyone who started him. Now if you started Brees....
  9. There is this guy from New Orleans that is supposed to be pretty good... But seriously top 5 should be 1. Cmc 2. Kamara with Brees. 3. Cook 4. Henry (meh) 5. Possibly Barkley. 6. Possibly Zeke.
  10. Um, cook is running all over them, but yes they should be throwing more.
  11. Kamara about to put up 50. Sanders would of had a td on that pi.
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