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  1. Shake has been a troll for years, whats different now?
  2. lmao wow they arent even hiding the corruption anymore
  3. hey the brady love child is speaking again
  4. My guess is 2022 when nagys contract is up. Wait for pace to grab a WR in the first then TE in the 2nd.
  5. Imagine Kicking down 21-3 with 7 minutes left in the 4th.
  6. He'll be good when bears draft a new QB this next year. Quick, good hands. The only stipulation is that PACE is fired and they get someone who actually wants to draft players (specifically O Line)
  7. The ball did go through lattimores hands and evans COULD have had that. No way he knew lattimore would whiff that though
  8. Does brady run this team now and just want the TD record? Why not try and punch it in?
  9. wow, more brady flags. that wasnt defensive interference at ALL
  10. AB doesnt seem to know the playbook that well and Brady keeps looking to him first. I would think that brady is trying to force it to him
  11. i think some posts are being removed. or im glitching like a mofo
  12. His value tanked after the bell singing. WHat do you realistically think you could have gotten for him at that point?
  13. Workload looked like it dropped quite a bit with bell coming in. They did blow out the last two team though so maybe he’ll be more involved in more competitive games. This could be a decent chance to try and buy low. Really depends what you could get him for though. I’d want a piece of this high powered offense.
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