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  1. Really depends who’s left in the first to choose from at 6. There’s nothing wrong with having too many good RBs too. I think I’d do the trade and hope someone good is there at 6. Arob is still a good keeper option.
  2. Yeah I’d do this. You could probably trade drake straight up for a different QB if you wanted
  3. Id pick jones over both connor and carson. But Id pick carson over connor
  4. Looks like a good deal to me. AJG wont last all season and id prefer terry anyway. Mixon and sanders are a wash for me
  5. Chubb side by a mile. Is this dynasty?
  6. I think Hunt will be a headache. Id go with Jones
  7. Not really, by midseason, you’ll see who the top dogs are. Like any redraft team you’ll have the people with the **** picks and the unbeatable team.
  8. I’d take a shot on CEH I think. Can’t blame you for going MT though.
  9. So you still need to whittle down your picks to 4 or 5? I’d say it’s worth the shot if he’ll take it
  10. Keep Parker. I don’t think the point discrepancy between the two will be 6 rounds
  11. I think i would take the 7. See what RBs make it there and then follow it up with another RB
  12. I’d grab CEH. Why not go for the potential home run. If not CEH I’d go Another Rb tho.
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