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  1. Someone has to catch balls in Chicago, I'd take a flier on wright over Davis
  2. I'd put a bid in for charcandrick west and Terrance west. I wouldnt go too crazy this early. There will be some gems on the wire throughout the season
  3. I agree with the above if you can get 1st and 2nd for 1st and 4th that's a good deal
  4. So he gets rid of a QB because he wanted a QB?? Something smells!
  5. Why is he even making that trade? It looks fishy
  6. Traded a first and second for a first and fifth?! That was your first mistake.
  7. If your WRs work out you slayed. They are easier to find than RBs and yours are fire. Nice draft
  8. I would have worked another rb instead of John brown. Your RBs aren't too great. Where did you pick from? I can't tell what your #2 pick is. Is this keeper ?
  9. And I don't want you to try and bail yourself out with yards/game in the one game Rudolph plays when he tears his acl. Gronk outscores Rudolph on the year. When you make 100 predictions and 20 pan out, you aren't a psychic, you're just unlucky
  10. I think it's a good ppr trade what are people expecting to get for bell? Julio and McCoy?
  11. Yeah he was the last choice apart from kicker but I might drop him for Charles
  12. Barring injury gronk will outsource Rudolph
  13. Ppr? I do like his WRs and wouldn't mind a 1 for 1 swap with a few of them. I'd rank them in the order they are now so if you can swing Coleman for Baldwin or crowder?? Great but I'd still take devante Parker straight up though otherwise you might get better value from the freeman owner
  14. I think Ertz and Mariota may be upgrades to Olsen and Ryan this year. who besides the devonta freeman owner would want Coleman that bad???
  15. I'd buy into that KC backfield just be sure to pick up charcandrick west
  16. I'd look to get a better WR or RB2. Is charles on the wire?
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