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  1. My drafts aren't usually this slow but I haven't been sober since thursday
  2. Alright, back from STL! I'll take Antonio Brown WR PIT If he's gone I'll grab CAR DEF
  3. Sorry guys, drove to STL from chicago. Tavon austin
  4. Wow, I didn't know that. Good info. I knew that Murray played 15 and 16 games. Did it happen in college or did he get cleared to play in regular season nfl?
  5. I like the pick and was going to choose him over Murray but the injury past made me sway towards l murray. Healthy matthews will surprise a lot of people.
  6. Thanks again cock for updating the clickydraft page and for the draft updates. I'm constantly checking on my phone so it would be a pain otherwise.
  7. We almost caught up to the slow draft I started 2 weeks ago on rtsports
  8. Latavius Murray for my next pick. RBs running thin eh?
  9. Well, just 18 more picks until I'm up... better let this play out before looking into the player pool
  10. Waking up was first. Get your heads out of the gutter
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