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  1. My 3rd pick was the 2nd hardest thing this morning
  2. It was between Sammy and landry for me. Heavily invested in Sammy so I went landry
  3. Im a believer in rawls this year. Based on what he did last year, why wouldn't he get the first Crack at a Bellcow role? I also emailed 96
  4. 27th pick is...Brandon marshall!!! Sorry! Saw a super rare pokemon
  5. I think this is shaping up to be a fantastic league. Also, this is going quicker than I thought.
  6. And with the 2nd overall pick I the 2016 NFL rotoworld fantasy draft, Bhawks489 selects....Odell Beckham Jr.!
  7. I think we need to discuss a less volatile subject. Weather? Politics? Religion?
  8. And week 17, they had the 2-seed and a bye. Nobody played vs. SEA. Week 17 is still the regular season Not for most FF players. Oh I thought you were saying that the cards didn't play week 17.
  9. I'm not sure where this "lack of consistency" belief comes from. Floyd was plagued by a serious hand injury at the beginning of the 2015 season. His week 1-5 performances can partially be attributed to that injury. From weeks 6 and on, this is how Floyd performed in standard scoring: Week 6: 11 points Week 7: 11.9 points Week 8: 16.6 points Week 9: BYE Week 10: 23.3 points Week 11: INJURED Week 12: 1.4 points Week 13: 10.4 points Week 14: 16.2 points Week 15: 7 points Week 16: 11.1 points Week 17: 1.6 points From week 6 and on Floyd averaged 11.0
  10. That explains week 1 but what about weeks 10 and 15? http://www.rotoworld.com/player/nfl/6759/michael-floyd Week 10 was 7-113-2 Week 15 was 5-70 (Oh no; only slightly better than average) Woops, got the weeks mixed up. I didn't know that hand injury was that bad. He seems too boom or bust for my liking though. Its either 5-7 receptions or 1-2.
  11. Michael Floyd - WR - Cardinals Michael Floyd was targeted just once in the Cardinals' Week 1 win over the Saints, securing it for 18 yards. Floyd was barely out there, from our view. We'll keep tabs on his snap count when they are released this week. Floyd missed most of camp with a hand injury. Sun, Sep 13, 2015 07:32:00 PM That explains week 1 but what about weeks 10 and 15?
  12. I didn't think that pick 6's counted on the total points allowed as a defensive stat. It doesn't make sense to add that to a defensive stat.
  13. I should buy some lotto tickets this week.
  14. Isn't prevent defense for when the other team is down in the 4th quarter? AKA gotta take deep shots down the field?
  15. Better chance at hitting the end zone on a shorter field.
  16. To be fair, a lot of people are infected with the hatred. My case is more mild but there still lingers a burning desire to see Pats miss the playoffs.
  17. Wow! Talk about a red herring. Is it really that hard to say, "yeah the NFL messed up here?" Yeah the NFL messed up here but I love watching the sport and hope it continues.*
  18. They are working with professionals to improve the safety of the game...to expect them to accept FULL responsibility for any ailment a former player has after they retire is unrealistic. Are you ok with the way they sought to initially discredit medical findings on CTE? This is the real issue, everyone realizes its a violent sport but most probably not to the extent that it really is. Let people decide what happens to their own bodies just provide all the information so the players can make an educated decision on their futures. Hell, if people want to smoke crack its their body and up to
  19. 1. Long. 2. Short, according to conventional wisdom but there is a 'survivor bias'. IE: Good players last longer. I have a hunch that most players that drop out of the league do so due to a skill deficit or old age rather than injury. Another interesting question, which is admittedly pretty narrow in focus...what other activities do players engage in before and after football that could lead to similar injury? Can someone like Matt Mitrione get a settlement even though his post-NFL career might cause brain trauma? For those who don't know who he is: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matt_
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