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  1. im in and out of the game but he keeps overthrowing every time i catch the game. Landry had a DART
  2. They need to put landry under center, mayfield is trash
  3. What are your thoughts on adding extra IR slots because of this?
  4. the same way pass interference doesnt count as receiving yards
  5. Need 8 yards, throw a screen. Makes sense. Thats a bears move
  6. QB: M. Ryan, Big Ben RB: CEH, M. Gordon, M. Davis, C. Akers, L. Bell WR: J. Jones, M. Thomas, K. Allen, Diontae Johnson, R. Gage TE: H. Henry, L. Thomas K: Myers D/ST: Broncos
  7. The s---y teams are usually looking to make deals and are more desperate. If you want RBs after the trade, you can try and trade for one from the bottom feeders.
  8. I’d trade him for the 2nd and try to play matchups with your other WRs
  9. What’s your team? Do you need a WR or better RBs? keeper/redraft?
  10. Sounds like you should have traded with that dope first. just leave next year or vote to kick that guy
  11. Does the head coach not get fed those stats? Just run Henry on the outside every time, those ypc’s are ridiculous.
  12. I thought I was Ok with CEH/Tucker and 30 points against mahomes. Now, not so sure...
  13. I’m on mobile and the trades don’t make any sense. Maybe the formatting is weird.
  14. Have you watched the games? Or just box scores? genuinely curious
  15. He was QB11 and QB12 first two weeks. Maybe the rest of your team needs work.
  16. Great player, bad game from the jags O. Did you watch the game? He made a great catch and run.
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