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  1. Id chalk this up to mental errors in general. Its like he loses focus and thinks too far ahead on the play. Reminds me of a 3rd down play where he catches a screen and walks out of bounds a yard short of the first and could have easily gotten it. With his extension i think we'll see more designed plays for him.
  2. Hows it going down there in Brazil? Cool to see fans from other countries. I like Lamb above all the rest just because hes on the cowboys. Lots of points to go around. Too many mouths isnt necessarily a bad thing. It moves the ball and gives players more opportunity for scores.
  3. If people think he wont be RB1 like some sentiment in this thread, BUY BUY BUY
  4. Will fuller already out, who had under 3 games in the pool? I like him going forward. Could be a good wr to target who should be cheapish.
  5. Depends on what all other RBs score imo. If only 11 other rbs score more than him hes a RB1 in 12 teamers Im not worried about the output. 8.5 points and 11.6 points are fine. Hes due for some TDs
  6. Wasn’t his adp 1.2? I guess a few spots down will qualify as super low.
  7. I still don’t think he’s making it out of the first round next year.
  8. Did this cat plod the last game or was the defense actually good?
  9. Just thinking about that bet gives me pats/falcons flashbacks
  10. What a horrible bet. You are WAY better off betting the 1K to net you 20K or whatver
  11. I feel bad for Barkely being on such a trash team/organization. Heal up and look forward to 2021 sweet prince. He really needs to stop fighting so hard for an extra yard. That injury reminded me of when he got the high ankle sprain last year. Just go down and regroup for the next play.
  12. He looked decent tonight but needs to stop diving. Could have been on IR easily. He had a great catch and run td shedding 2 or 3 tacklers
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