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  1. Because you cherry picked this barkley injury? nah
  2. Makes no sense for the bears. They already have like 9 TEs on the roster, already paid graham and drafted one early. And to ship off the only reliable target for trubisky? The offense is s---y enough as it is. Unless your plan is for the bears to tank.
  3. I dont like any of those Hunt will net you something better. Wait on him if you need to, I think hunt will only build value
  4. Dobbins for Diggs? Is this redraft? Redraft Id take the deal to shore up WRs since your RBs are fine
  5. Whats your team? PPR? Are you getting Barkley? DETAILS!!
  6. What? You already have minshew. You need Rb more than anything
  7. Seems like a lot to give up to me. I’d pass.
  8. I’d probably go ekeler Side even though I’m not too high on him.
  9. Oh, you are posting your own question in someone else’s thread. That’s kinda a dick move.
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